These 6 Best Private Search Engines Don’t Track User’s Data

Mohammad Aayan

If you think your favourite search engine stores your browsing data and bad web experience, then try these 6 best private search engines once.

best secure and private search engines

In the internet world, we search for everything that comes to our mind, not just normal information, but also a sensitive one. The next day when we again search for different information, a bunch of ads appear on the web page related to our earlier search. This is really annoying when someone steals your interest and shows you a similar one.

Most people don’t care or they don’t know how search engines like Google are coming over them. Even using a private window of browsers will not help if search engines are already intended to steal our activity.

Big search engines make a profile of every user who searches through it. The profile stores IP address, search string, webpage served, click on links, time spent on a single web page, comments like dislike, and overall behavior.

Just for normal daily life information, sacrificing personal data is not a good idea. Here is how you can checkmate these search engines using privacy respectful best private search engines.

Features of Best Private Search Engines

If you have decided to kick your privacy invasion search engines, make note of the bad and good features of it. Though we have done research on the best private search engines on our own and found them privacy respectful, you should also compare it with different search engines to hunt the best one.

The best private search engines include:

No User Tracking
Respects User’s Privacy
Safe Search
Private Search Settings
Better Search Result
Easy Navigation and Clean Interface

Best Private Search Engines

Based on the above-discussed features, we believe that these five are the best private search engines in terms of privacy. It is not necessary that these search engines will provide you the search same as Google. Some of the search engines use data from other search engines like Bing.

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the Best Private Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is the most secure search engine you can use for your privacy. Being the best alternative to Google, it uses search data from a number of search engines including Bing, Wikipedia, Yandex, Wolfram Alpha, and many others. Apart from other search engines result, DuckDuckGo has its own crawler named “DuckDuckBot”.

DuckDuckGo is very transparent in terms of the user’s privacy and can be seen in its privacy policy. In nutshell, it does not collect or share personal information.

To hold the user’s privacy at high priority, DuckDuckGo uses the “Sponsored Link” types of ads program to make money and not from the user’s information. Normally when a user searches any query, it displays the ads based on that query only. The displayed ad will be the same for every user who uses the same search query.

Three types of protection levels can be seen in the DuckDuckGo interface and they are Private Search, Tracker Blocking, and Site Encryption. Just put an exclamation (!) mark before the search string to get encrypted results.

Users can modify to get search results from a specific country for a specific time. A safe search gives the option of filtering the search result however users can filter adult content only. The interface may not be as good as Google’s, but for privacy, users must sacrifice this.

DuckDuckGo best private search engines

2. StartPage

StartPage Best Private Seach Engine

StartPage tagged as “The world’s most private search engine” is really decent in keeping their word. Google users will find it as the best alternative due to interface and search results. The interface and appearance are completely similar to Google and to provide the exact same result, StartPage pays money to Google to use their search results in their search engine.

Like other search engines, StartPage never records any log, activity history, or IP address respecting users’ privacy. The ad programs are based on the query you type on the search engine and not on the person based. So no recommendation and follow up based ads will catch your attention while surfing.

The “Use Post vs Get” feature gives additional privacy settings to the user by keeping out the search string log from the site’s webmaster tool. Every time user searches the keyword in StartPage, the anonymous view appears. It helps users to visit a page without any tracking and keeps no data that can identify users.

When the user presses “Anonymous View”, StartPage uses proxy and lets users choose to visit the page with or without it. It connects to the closest and fastest server with the alternate option of EU and US servers.

In the below screenshot, I typed the StartPage keyword in the StartPage search engine. The result shows search engine related ads based on the StartPage keyword which is also a search engine. From the result, it is clear that the ad is not based on personalization rather than based on a keyword. That’s how it values the user’s privacy and jumps into the ranking of the best private search engines.

StartPage Search Results

Users can make StartPage a default search engine in any browser. It also gives a notification to make it default. Another option is by installing the official extension to the browser. With the appearance setting, the user can make it look like a charm. So why don’t give a hand to a secure search engine?

Visit StartPage

3. Swisscows

SwissCows most secure search engine

Switzerland based SwissCows is the most secure search engine for complete anonymity on the internet. The great advantage is that Switzerland doesn’t come under EU laws, so the user’s privacy is safe. In a nutshell, SwissCows’ privacy policy states: “We do not collect personal information from our visitors”.

When a user uses SwissCows, there is nothing to worry about. Because SwissCows doesn’t collect the following:

— Search Query
— IP Address
— Browser Information
— Operating System Information

“If someone asks SwissCows about the user’s location or information, the answer will be we don’t know what are you talking about”. This is because SwissCows doesn’t store any geographic region of users except the number of a daily search query. That’s how I put it in among the top 6 best private search engines.

The search result will differ from Google but similar to Bing. SwissCows uses Bing’s search result to display the results in its interface. Semantic technology ensures that users get the most relevant search results. It also helps to deliver the best keyword suggestion based on search queries in the form of a map.

Users can filter the region if he wants the result from a particular country along with a specific time.

SwissCows Secure Search Engine

SwissCows doesn’t show any ads banner in the search result which is a pretty good thing except for their own advertising campaign. Sponsored link ad helps in generating the revenue. Users may find random ads on the web page when he visits it.

The only thing I feel bad about this browser is the way it generates revenue, I’m talking about the subscription plan which costs money. Based on the plan’s specification, it seems that SwissCows cares about subscription-based users more.

Plus | Optimize search and create a personal account
Prime | Search without advertising and calls of donations
VPN | Secure web surfing

SwissCows Search Engine Plans

Users can download the SwissCows extension from any browser’s web store mostly available in Chrome and Firefox. Another option is setting a default search engine from the browser’s setting.

Visit SwissCows

4. searX

searX Search Engine

searX is an open-source metasearch engine and is available on GitHub for community developers. Meaning, anyone with excellent domain knowledge can enhance and customize, even it encourages people to participate in advancing the features. This indicates how much searX is transparent with users.

The user who is fond of searching the same query in different search engines will find it interesting. The reason is that searX extracts data from multiple search engines and accumulates them in one place.

I think searX deserves the best position among the other 5 best private search engines. When it comes to user’s privacy, searX simply says, “We don’t care what you search for”. Here are the things which make it more secure among other best private search engines.

No Ads in Search Result
No User Tracking
No User Profiling
Secure and Encrypted Connection
70+ Supported Search Engines
Self Hosted

Users will have full control of setting/resetting the preferences and privacy settings. It’s up to the user what he wants to view for a particular search term, by clicking on advanced settings users can customize the filter level. Like Google, searX also shows results for images, videos, maps, music, science, and social media.

searX’s safe search allows users to limit the resulting level. It includes None, Strict, and Moderate.

searX Most Secure search engine

Though the searX search extension is not available in major browsers, the user can set it using the browser’s settings. That’s not a big deal. Multiple public search instances are available to search for but the preferred one is

Visit searX

4. MetaGer

MetaGer Best Private Search Engines

Like searX, MetaGer is also an open-source meta-search engine that respects user’s privacy in every aspect. In other words more concern towards user’s privacy, that’s why it is more famous in the home country which Germany. Privacy among people has created more curiosity for a secure search engine and that’s the reason MetaGer is attracting huge fans around the globe.

Search results include results from more than 50 search engines along with its own crawler. MetaGer considers Bing as a primary source of information, so most of the search results will be similar to Bing only.

The user has the option to convert the search query to anonymous making complete privacy over your search string. For this process, MetaGer uses the TOR network and sends the request to multiple search engines by hiding the IP addresses.

What makes it great among all listed best private search engines is that even if you entered the site, MetaGer provides the same level of security as it was before entering.

The Safe Search option is really good and it is up to the user how he wants to tune it. User has the freedom to search for information in any language for any period of time. In the below screenshot, things are visible clearly like “Search Result from Number of Search Engines” and “Open Anonymously”.

MetaGer Search Engine Setting

MetaGer doesn’t display any ads on the search result, not even ads banner of self-advertising. It is mostly supported by the audience from all around the world and displays a donation option in search results, at least it is better than the annoying ads.

Visit MetaGer

6. Qwant

Quant Secure search engine

Qwant is living with its motto that is Privacy and Neutrality. As Qwant claims to be “the first search engine that protects the freedoms of its users and ensures that the digital ecosystem is preserved” it seems pretty good while I used it. The search result may not be as accurate as Google or Bing, but can be counted among the best private search engines.

Qwant’s algorithm doesn’t involve any discrimination while delivering search results. It displays the same search results for every user and not based on any ads, region, or politics.

As the user’s privacy is the first priority that’s why Qwant doesn’t play with the user’s data and never store and tracks anything, even it doesn’t log any activity. However, it stores search query but Qwant claims, these search terms can’t be used as an identifier. Even if Qwant wants to process or log data it can not do because the origin of Qwant is France which is very strict at data and follows the GDPR rule.

Quant’s revenue generation model is different from most of the search engines. It has a tie-up with “Bing Ad Program” and also uses “Promotional Link Campaign”

Qwant Search Ebgine Interface

Though the search result’s interface includes various filter options like general search, news, images, videos, social snaps, and a few more, it does not offer Open Anonymously mode as MetaGer does. Even the setting option also doesn’t include any privacy control.

Visit Qwant

Integration of Best Private Search Engines

Think about your control of privacy. Anything you do online, no one logs, tracks, and watches. If a user uses the best private search engines for any query using the privacy-focused browser and VPN, then no one can record anything you do online at any time. Read more about the most secure browser here.

The internet’s most secure browser is Firefox and anyone can verify it by using it. To integrate the best private search engines with Firefox, follow the steps:

Head towards Search Menu of the browser
At the bottom click on “Find More Search Engine”
It will display the list of available search engines extension
Select any of the above-discussed most secure search engine
Install the extension
Again Visit Search menu and look for “Default Search Engine”
Make your favorite search engine as default
Best Private Search Engines Integration with Most Secure Browser

Final Words

Using a search engine for daily life, study or social media is not a bad thing. In fact, it solves most of the problems we face. However, the exchange of privacy with the information we search for is not a good idea. All I have discussed the 6 best private search engines. These secure search engines will help you to be free from any problem specifically for privacy-related concerns.

Users may not find the interface and appearance as Google but privacy should the first priority. If these search engines used with a secured browser, then I’m sure that the web experience will be better. Also, integrate the best privacy oriented ad blocker extensions.

All the above mentioned are the six best private search engines. Few are left and I don’t think they are as good as these six. Though I found DuckDuckGo as the top privacy respectful and secure search engine. Before making any choice, I urge you that try others to and choose which better suits you.

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