Use These 5 Best Cryptojacking Blocker to Stop Cryptomining

Mohammad Aayan

Criminals and masterminds are using cryptominers to harness the victim’s system resource. It helps them to earn cryptocurrencies. Here’s what you can do, use the best cryptojacking blocker to stop cryptomining.

Best Cryptojacking Blocker

Cryptojacking Overview

Cryptojacking or Cryptomining is a result of some new bad technology and enhancement of the digital era causing a real threat to the internet user. Many internet users don’t know this term and never care about it and in the end, they become victims.

Every year some types of data breach and ransomware attacks happen around the world. Don’t forget the 2017’s WannaCry. Now that time has moved, hackers and bad eyes have gone beyond thinking. They have found another way to earn gold coins, which is Cryptojacking or Cryptomining.

The word Cryptojacking clearly states what it is. It is an act of using someone else’s device (without letting know to the user) from around the world to mine cryptocurrency. Here hackers target victims’ system resources to mine digital money.

The device can be anything like Computer or Smartphone. Hackers are very expert at this and have various ways to target users. Making users greedy is the best method. They invite users by sending emails with malicious links which consist of auto executable codes. The website you visit can also have these executable codes in the form of ads or trackers or scripted contents.

Once the cryptojacking code installed on your device or browser, you can’t see it, and you are done. Your device is their now and they make money by solving complex mathematical problems. The more use of system resources for computing, the more are the chances that hackers will get a reward.

This is not a one-time process, it happens usually when you are online and cryptomining code is running in behind. Every time a device finds a solution, the associated hacker will be paid money, what we call bitcoin. In layman language, hackers are making money from you and you don’t know this.

Best Cryptojacking Blocker

Since the act doesn’t require the user’s authorization and stays completely hidden, it is considered illegal. Don’t be angry with hackers, it’s their job to survive. You can also make yourself comfortable, there is a various method to help you out of this shit.

However, Cryptojacking blocker is most effective among others. What you have to do is to only install it on your devices.

1. WebAdvisior

McAfee WebAdvisor is an additional piece of software, now available to every internet user for free, that helps the user to stay away from external threats. When you browse anything on the web or click any link, which you don’t know what malware it can have, can cause you a real problem.

No worries, WebAdvisor protects you from adware, spyware, malware, scripted contents on the web page, and phishing attempts. McAfee has said that WebAdvisor now supports Cryptojacking Blocker along with the above-mentioned protections.

WebAdvisor Cryptojacking Blocker

However, for now, this enhancement is only available for Google Chrome users, but future updates will also include Firefox supports. Once you install it, it will get integrated with Google Chrome.

Download WebAdvisior for free.

2. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Cryptomining blocker

Malwarebytes which is an anti-malware software is very different from traditional antivirus. Its name Malwarebytes clearly indicates that it is a cybersecurity solution especially designed to protects computers and smartphones from online threats.

You all know that cryptojackers hide on the system and uses all resources (for example CPU and RAM) it can get from your system. That gives an advantage to site owners, hackers, and bad eyes to come to you to mine digital gold.

Whether your devices are infected with malicious scripts or shut-down attacks, Malwarebyte’s artificial intelligence crushes these threats before they appear to users. The great advantage is that it blocks the most famous cryptomining methods specially CoinHive along with other coin miners.

It’s the company’s intention to provide a better and clean web experience to users that’s why MalwareBytes came into the market. No matter what methods such as malware, a browser-based drive-by download, or Trojan hackers and bad eyes uses to mine cryptocurrencies, Malwarebytes is always there for you.

If you want to allow others to mine gold using your devices, you can wishlist, it’s up to you.

Download Malwarebytes for free.

3. NoCoin

NoCoin Cryptojacking blocker is one of the most famous blockers among other security solutions. Being open-source, it is completely transparent among the users and can be trusted. For every internet user who has become the victim of cryptomining or they want to be away from cryptomining, NoCoin is the best and free solution available.

According to NoCoin author Rafael Keramidas, NoCoin is a small browser extension that has a goal to work as “Adblock for Coinminers”

NoCoin Cryptmining Blocker

You can install NoCoin on Firefox, and Opera Browser. Earlier it was also available for Google Chrome, but Google removed it. However, you can download it from GitHub Page where the original author has uploaded it.

Once installed, it starts blocking coin miners and cryptojackers from using your system resources. It is not limited to block basic coin miners but also blocks the most famous Cryptojacker CoinHive.

4. Miner Block

Miner Block is another browser extension that helps the user to defeat coin miners from the system. This easy to use Cryptojacker blocker is freely available on Google Chrome, and Opera browser.

After successful installation, this anti miner extension analyzes and detects mining scripts as soon as you enter any webpage on the internet. Users can block altcoin and bitcoin mining that is running beneath your browser. Miner Block also shows the number of miners blocked on a website.

Miner Block for blocking Cryptominers

Other setting options are My Filters and Wishlisting. In My Filters, users can filter out the unnecessary things from loading on the webpage. If you love a website that you use regularly, create a Wishlist by adding the domain name of the website. Miner Block will be disabled for the listed domains in Wishlist.

5. minerBlock

This cryptomining blocker is designed to block all coin miners all over the web and doesn’t care about the source of origins. MinerBlock is a tiny, free, and efficient blocker that comes in form of a browser extension. You can download it from the GitHub page of the project.

You can also download it from the web stores of Firefox and Google Chrome browser. The author has said that minerBlock has two different working approaches. They are as:

1. Traditional adblocker approach that blocks requests/scripts loaded from a blacklist menu in the minerBlock setting.

2. First, it analyzes and detects potential mining behavior and threats inside loaded scripts and kills them immediately. It also blocks inline scripts as well as miners running through proxies.

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