Crysis Remastered – Coming in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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I still remember, when I played the action-packed shooter game Crysis first time on my PC. How awesome was that moment? Somehow, I managed to run on my PC. But now I have a custom-made PC only for gaming purposes. I played Portal 2, Dota 2, but none can beat Crysis, it is still my favorite.

After a long time, Twitter just got a new tweet regarding a new PC game. This tweet has given a heartbeat to all gamers. A remastered version of Crysis (2007) was announced on April 16, 2020, by Crytek. The release date is not disclosed to the public yet, but it can be released in summer 2020 only.

Some folks are saying that it will be between June to August. Crytek announced that Crysis Remastered would be available on systems like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows-based system.

Crysis Remastered Trailer

Crytek has only released a teaser till now. The teaser shows a glimpse of Nomad, in the jungle with a nano-suit, where he was ready to engage with his enemies. We don’t know much than this except that the main trailer is about to come to reveal the story.

Why don’t you check out the teaser trailer here?

Crysis Remastared | Video Credit – IGN

Game Feature & Advancement from Crysis 2007

According to Crytek, the game will have more features than the previous one. However, the teaser does not show many features except nano-suit and high graphics. I don’t know much and can expect what is about to come into the game.

Single Player with high-quality textures
Improved art assets of Crysis 2007
Temporal anti-aliasing

Ray Tracing
Parallax occlusion mapping

PC Configuration for Crysis Remastered

Now with these excellent features, you need an excellent gaming PC. To play Crysis Remastered in the upcoming days, you can do the following recommended changes in your system.

Purchase Best Gaming PC
Upgrade CPU and graphics card
Build a custom PC

Crysis Remastered is coming with the Ray Tracing feature. So you need the best graphic card. Nvidia GeForce RTX series can handle Crysis Remastered. However, AMD can develop graphics cards for this game quickly.

You will also need a processor like AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, ready for any big game. Play without any lag in your system. Intel Core i9-9900KS is not behind in the gaming race, with eight-core and 4.0Ghz base clock, you can play any game available in the market right now.

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