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  • Simultaneous connections on up to 7 devices
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Access to over 6400 servers worldwide
  • Streaming platform support


  • Expensive
  • 24 hour free trial

Nowadays, everyone is using a VPN as a tool to protect their online activity as well as to unblock their favorite video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO from restricted countries. People are using a free or paid version of VPN depending on their daily requirements. If you are still searching for a VPN and you are a newbie, so CyberGhost VPN should be your first option among other VPNs.

CyberGhost VPN is a piece of software that uses OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP protocols to hide your IP address and reroutes your internet traffic through military-grade encryption with 256-bit AES technology tunnel. Each time you connect to a server location of your choice, it masks your original IP-address and assigns you a new IP-address. Since this new IP-address is shared by almost many users worldwide. So, it is hard for ISP, government authorities, and hackers to track back your original geographic location.

CyberGhost VPN – Plans and Pricing

CyberGhost VPN charges $12.99 for a single month. This is more than the current market average rate, which is $10.0 per month. If you are looking for a monthly subscription, it will be too costly for such a VPN. In the same price range, you can get ExpressVPN which is a market leader with additional security options.

I will recommend you for the trial option first, which is valid for 24 hours without any charges and doesn’t require a credit card. If you are satisfied with the trial version and you feel that everything is fine, then go for a 3-years plan with $99 every year and save $368.64. In addition, you will get complimentary of a two-month free subscription, one-time PC clean-up Restoro license, and access to the no-spy server. Such an affordable price with excellent features. You will not find this deal anywhere else.

CyberGhost VPN also offers add-ons service, but it has a cost of $5 per month. The service includes a dedicated IP-address and server location of your own choice. The good thing with dedicated IP-address is that no one except you will use that.

You can get CyberGhost by clicking here.

CyberGhost VPN Plans

Furthermore, if you want to use a VPN just for one month without any additional features and less security, then TunnelBear will be the best option. TunnelBear free plan will be sufficient for your need. ProtonVPN can also be a good option with no data limitation and unlimited bandwidth in $0 only. You can use a traditional system like a credit card or Paypal account to purchase CyberGhost. In fact, you can use the bitcoin option also, if you want to be anonymous.

Premium Subscription offers you to connect up to seven devices at the same time. So no restriction while watching your favorite sports and tv shows on Fire TV, Windows, Android TV, Apple TV and Chrome TV, and many more.

CyberGhost VPN – Features

Unblock Streaming Services – CyberGhost VPN’s special servers are designed for streaming needs. Enjoy your favorite video content without any geo-blocking restriction. No buffering and network limitations.

Hide Your IP – Just click on connect option and your IP-address is replaced with CyberGhost’s IP. New IP-address is shared by many users, so it’s impossible to track you back.

Strongest Encryption – For beginners, CyberGhost VPN will provide everything to keep you anonymous on the internet in the first place. Its military-grade encryption promises you to keep your incoming and outgoing data completely secure and anonymous. In fact, it hides your IP-address making your digital identity secure whether you are using public Wi-Fi or your own ISP (Internet Service Provider).

No Logs – Many VPN providers claim that they have a no-log policy, while others store your log. The great thing about CyberGhost VPN is that it does not store any log of your online activity. It does not care how much bandwidth you are using, or what are you doing.

Secure Connections – Private conversation, bank account details, and financial information should always be safe. That’s not always the case in the online world, where data is the new gold, and identity theft is rampant. With CyberGhost VPN, your details are secure and encrypted.

No-one wants to be behind in the race while accessing their favorite content and files from the internet. That’s why, you need a VPN which provides the highest possible speed, unlimited bandwidth, and traffic. It should also provide the network kill switch feature. In case your VPN connection goes down, Network Kill Switch protects you by disconnecting you from your computer until the VPN connection comes back. Thus preventing you from dangerous exposure of your online activity to your ISP. This feature makes it excellent among other VPNs.

Every VPN has some downside, it may be due to the high price or configuration, or incompatibility. In the case of CyberGhost VPN, the following are the cons:-
— Limited access to high-security

CyberGhost VPN – Protocols

A VPN protocol is a set of instructions, provides a medium between the VPN client machine and the VPN server machine. It is a method to secure a VPN connection. There are many options for VPN protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP. The considered best protocol is OpenVPN.

Good thing is that CyberGhost VPN uses OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols on its available server. However, some of the protocols may not be available on some servers, it is not a bad deal at this price range. For windows, android, and Linux app, CyberGhost uses OpenVPN. CyberGhost’S iOS and macOS apps use L2TP.

CyberGhost – Server & Server Locations

CyberGhost VPN gives different server options to its user. It has more than 6400 servers in more than 89 countries with 111 different locations. Some servers physically exist while some are virtual. The number of virtual servers is more than 300, but their location is exactly the same.

CyberGhost VPN is the 1st VPN in the world which has vast servers across the globe and gives users 6426 options to connect. NordVPN has broken the borders with more than 5000 servers across the globe, while another VPN like ExpressVPN and Hotspot Shield VPN has less number of servers. A large number of servers doesn’t mean more security, however, it gives the option to its user to connect anywhere in the world in just a click.

The United States alone has 1022 servers in eleven different cities, from which 48 are new servers. And has p2p support and physically located in the country. Germany is behind The United States with 815 servers, from which 165 are new servers.

Bes VPN Servers

DNS Leak Test and Protection

To know whether your VPN is hiding your data and browsing traffic, you should always perform the leak test. Some VPNs claim that they protect your site from leaking but don’t be sure. You can perform the leak test yourself by visiting here.

CyberGhost VPN is one of the top VPN for leak protection, as it offers DNS and IP leak protection in its apps. These are already switched on, so even if you’re a VPN newbie and aren’t sure what they are, you’re protected without having to worry about it.

Leak Test

Does CyberGhost VPN works with Netflix?

Everyones’s favorite platform Netflix is grooming day-by-day and anyone would like to access it whether it is banned in their country or not. CyberGhost claims that it works with Netflix with all available servers. You can access the Netflix library from anywhere in the world. However, their US-based VPN server has a problem with Netflix while connecting, but it’s ok.

Best VPN Netflix Support

Does CyberGhost VPN supports Torrents?

When it comes to downloading games, movies, or tv shows, we torrent it. Though in many countries torrent is banned, and If you’re wondering whether the torrent is legal or not, the BitTorrent protocol is not illegal by itself. However, popular torrent websites, like ThePirateBay or KickassTorrents, have come under problem. This is because they provide free access to copyrighted material.

In most countries, seeding copyrighted material falls under the category of reproducing and distributing This is meant as a crime. During torrenting, You must hide your digital footprint and secure your P2P downloads with a torrent-friendly VPN. Here CyberGhost VPN comes handy and offers unlimited bandwidth for your torrent.

Best Torrent Support

CyberGhost at a Glance

Vpnmentor | CyberGhost has almost every feature and usability option that you need for basic protection, privacy, fast and reliable internet connections, surfing capabilities, and so on.

Comaparitech | CyberGhost is offering an easy-to-use, fast, and reliable service. It has plenty of servers to provide you with options such as anonymous surfing, unblocked streaming, and anonymous torrenting.

Cnet | CyberGhost VPN is practically a one-click solution. It makes the privacy and security of VPNs available to a much wider audience.

TechRadar | With unlimited bandwidth and traffic, CyberGhost stands out from many of the other VPNs.

What are the benefits of a CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost VPN offers a wide range of security and privacy option. Encrypting the data and spoofing the location is from one of them. Streaming Netflix or any OTT platform online form anywhere. Just use the best CyberGhost VPN to unblock the blocked site and change your location.

Furthermore, CyberGhost VPN helps you to keep your online activities secure and private by encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address.

Is it worth to have the VPN?

Whether you want to stay anonymous or secure, you must use a good VPN. Apart from this, secure your online transaction, securely access any blocked site from anywhere. VPN like CyberGhost will provide everything in the first place.

What are the pros and cons of the VPN?

Nowadays everyone uses VPN just to keep their head under the tunnel. The best VPN helps you protect yourself from online tracking, censorship, and cyber-crime, even from 5 and 9 eyes alliance. It also allows you to access your favorite content/articles securely, no matter in which country you are.

Is VPN legal?

VPN services are perfectly legal in most countries however, some countries have restricted the use of a VPN. For example, Afghanistan, Algeria, through the VPN is legal there, but they have some restrictions on using VPN. It is within your rights to secure online activities and mask your IP address. Usually, only regimes that use surveillance and censorship ban VPNs because traffic encryption helps internet users avoid the government’s watchful eye.

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