Do I Need a VPN for My Internet Privacy?

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Internet user often asks a question. Do I need a VPN to protect my privacy? The short answer is yes and here is why “Data is the new gold of current era”.

Do I need a VPN for internet privacy?

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The privacy term was not much popular in the early stage of technology development. As time passes the internet has grown widely and awareness too. People started using the internet for useful information, entertainment, jobs, and business. But misuse of technology was also in the race.

Now the internet is globally accepted as a resource for everything. When we need an answer we just google it. We look for products on the internet. We surf the internet maybe for fun or for entertainment but we do every day.

How many of you have ever thought that you can be traced on the internet even all your internet activity? Anyone including the government, ISP’s, hackers, and third-party business person can capture your data. In fact, they can process it for business and marketing purposes.

If you are not using any security-related tool then your privacy is in danger. The solution is available but may cost you money. VPNs are the first choice for data and privacy protection. So instead of asking “do I need a VPN?”, you should have one. Here is a detailed explanation of why you should use a VPN for all your internet activity.

1. Browse Anonymously

What comes in our mind after opening a web browser? I think surfing, streaming content, purchasing products, or studying. Yes, most people do the same thing. When you visit a website, your browser’s functionality allows the website owner to collect the IP address and some bit of other information. This piece of information is sufficient to track your location and browsing activity.

You will not want that to happen, so a decent VPN comes in handy. When you connect to a VPN before browsing anything, it masks or changes your public IP address by VPN’s own virtual IP address. The good thing is that many users use that IP address. So it is really very tough for anyone to find your original IP address and your location too. No one can know what you do online including ISPs and the government, even VPN providers don’t care also.

Do I need a VPN for Browsing Anonymously?

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2. Internet Privacy

Do I need a VPN for internet privacy? Of course yes, this should be the main concern for any internet users instead of others. You may have heard Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the United States v. Microsoft, and a few others. In these cases, personal data including name, mobile number, email id, and address, and some other information of users were exposed to the outside.

The way a VPN work is very fantastic. It encrypts all the internet traffic using a 256/128 – bit encryption technology and routes them through a secured tunnel. One thing to note that for privacy protection VPN must-have military-grade encryption. Features like split tunneling, multihop, onion, or VPN, internet kill switch are most important for internet privacy.

If you use a VPN while being on the internet then no one can store a bit of information about you except where you are logged in. Even search engines like Google and Bing can’t know what you do online whether you are using them or not. Don’t forget social media giant Facebook, it also can’t track our social activity.

On the other hand, VPN also helps you to not come in contact with the government tracker. Some decent VPN also unblocks the Great Firewall of China and no one can know about this.

Do I need a VPN like Surfshark?

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3. Online Security

VPN is not limited to only protect your online privacy from ISPs, governments, search engines, and the 5th, 9th and 14th Eye, but also from harmful trackers domain and malicious programs. The market has produced decent VPNs in the back year and some of them are NordVPN, Surfshark, Windscribe, and a few more.

This VPN has inbuilt features of clean web, ads, and trackers blocker. So when you visit your favorite site, you don’t have to sacrifice the performance of your browser and device. Malicious programs are designed to steal your data from the back of the web page but the above-mentioned VPN will not let it happen.

Other security threats are DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks. Both of them are a threat to your data security. Web browsers let happen WebRTC leaks due to the functionality of WebRTC (Website Real-Time Communication). It exposes your public IP address to the website you visit even if you are connected to the internet. VPN with WebRTC leak prevention can help you from this leak.

DNS leak causes your data to travel through your default ISP’s DNS server instead of VPN’s DNS server. Some VPN has DNS server installed on their servers and prevents data leak. You can also use a third-party DNS server like Google DNS server and OpenDNS server.

Conclusion – Do I Need a VPN?

Using a good VPN can offer you your privacy and security back. Consider a VPN like NordVPN, ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshak, and ExpressVPN which keeps all your head down from black eyes. Apart from internet privacy, you might want entertainment freedom and access from restricted countries, take a subscription to any one of the above VPN, and feel like a happy person without any sad face.

I hope after reading this you will not have the question “do I need a VPN”.

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