How to Choose Privacy-Friendly Best VPN Country?

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Privacy-friendly best VPN country is a more concerning topic these days. In fact, it should be like features among the VPNs. Some market leader VPNs give an extensive amount of servers to the users. The more the server option the more freedom to connect to the world. Wait, not every country allows you to use VPN freely, but some countries offer a hundred percent freedom to use a VPN.

Best VPN Country

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Everyone has a different purpose to use a VPN. I use it for the U.S. Netflix library that’s why I always connect a VPN to the U.S. server. You may use a VPN for privacy and tight security, so you will look for other server locations. What I am trying to say is that not all countries have the same privacy laws. For example, Afghanistan’s privacy laws restrict VPN use up to some point so we should consider that this is not the best VPN country.

China has the toughest privacy rule for its citizen. It has gone farthest than any country to ban VPN services, even no VPN vendor can supply it without a proper license. They have complete control over the private network and monitor every internet traffic entering their Cyber-sphere.

Nowadays citizen’s privacy is becoming a high priority for many governments. After scandals like Facebook Cambridge Analytica, many governments are keeping their eyes over the internet and passing laws to protect it from stealing, blackmailing, and selling. This drags the attention of people towards the use of a private network like a VPN.

People generally look for server speed, privacy & security, Geo-unblocking capabilities, and privacy laws before finding the best VPN country. Read all privacy-related laws before using them in any country, that’s what we have done for you. We have found some best VPN countries for you. Don’t worry, read the full blog. Let’s first discuss a VPN.

What Exactly is a VPN?

What is a VPN

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a simple and secure way to protect your digital life. As soon as you connect to a server location of your choice, VPN routes all your internet traffic through the encrypted tunnel. Mostly, all the VPN uses 256-bit AES standard encryption technology to encrypts all your internet traffic data. Making it much hard for anyone including hackers, governments, and ISPs to spy on you.

In reality, VPN is not just a word, it has become much popular among the youth. From streaming a video to performing digital transactions, everywhere you can take full advantage of it. You may have seen reviews on finding the best VPN country but doesn’t the protection laws.

How to Choose Best VPN Country?

GDPR Laws for VPN Country

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Hunting the best VPN country is as hard as breaking a solid rock. Some Countries have banned VPN completely, and some are planning to do so. European Union countries have very different privacy laws. According to the General Data Protection Regulation, these countries may share your data with the Five & Nine Eye Alliance. Keep reading!

Based on Data Protection Laws

According to the Data Protection Law, no one’s personal information should be disclosed or misuse. Europe, Latin America, Africa, and many other independent territories have adopted data protection law. Overall more than 70 countries have done this. Most VPN traffic comes from the United States, but they have adopted limited laws only.

Every territory has its own data protection laws. The listed laws are –

Europe Union & European Economic Area – General Data Protection Regulation
Switzerland – Federal Data Protection Act

Based on VPN’s Location

VPN’s location means the origin country of a VPN. A country with good privacy laws will follow all privacy rules to keep you safe. Before subscribing to any VPN plan look for the origin country along with features. Nowadays people just sign up for a VPN before considering any features, some loo only for geo-blocking, speed, and bandwidth. I will recommend looking into features like physical and virtual server options to find the best VPN country. The better the server option, the better exploring of different countries.

See the below list for the few best VPN with the best origin country.

Switzerland – ProtonVPNVyprVPN
Malaysia – Hide. Me VPN
Romania – CyberGhost VPN
Panama – NordVPN

Based on Server Speed

Data protection law and VPN’s origin location are not the only variables to this concept. Server speed also contributes to finding the best VPN country. Speed matters for hassle-free browsing, all your internet need only depends on server speed. Less speed means you are out of the race from entertainment, digital transaction, accessing foreign materials, and privacy.

VPN vendors often provide a large number of the server to the users, making it available near to the user’s location. Near the server location, better is speed. This is why NordVPN provides more than 5460 server options in more than 60 countries to its user for faster speed.

Based on User’s Privacy Level

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret and privacy is in our hands only. Look for every aspect of the security parameter before connecting your VPN. Countries other than the EU have a clear and simple policy, which means they have ordered telecommunication and VPN providers no to store privacy logs. This now known as no-log privacy.

Many free and premium VPN options are available for us. Make your thought broad and look for the privacy policy of each VPN provider and whether they are bound by protection laws are not.

The level of security depends on you. If you want tight security over your internet logs, then also search for various countries’ servers and read their protection law. Switzerland is the best VPN country in the world with no data retention policy, and you can go to any depth of security. And their laws restrict them to hand over any of your data to other countries.

Best VPN Country – We Hunted It.


Switzerland best VPN country

Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Switzerland has been a great option for privacy since the early start of globalization and this is true. Switzerland is considered by many internet experts as the best VPN country. For example, people from all around the world have a Swiss Bank account and if anything happens to individual account holders, it will not hand over any sensitive data.

The Swiss Federal Data Protection Act has control over the processing of personal data by private persons only. This happens because their federal constitution has guaranteed the right to privacy in article 13. One thing to note that Switzerland doesn’t come under the European Union.

The European Union countries and some other alliances (known as five eyes) share personal data with each other and follow the General Data Protection Regulation. Though the Swiss government has partially adopted GDPA but doesn’t share the personal data when asked by other countries.

Some products in Switzerland must get a license by data retention laws, however, this law does not apply to VPN providers. In fact, unauthorized file access and sharing is not a real threat to anyone and allows downloading copyrighted content for personal use. It gives total freedom to Swiss internet users, so, they should not need to use a VPN.

Well, we don’t know the mindset of the government, so we should use a VPN to defend against the government surveillance system. The most famous VPN Proton and Vyper are from Switzerland only, this makes it a perfect place for a VPN. Thatswhy I put it in a privacy-friendly best VPN country.


Iceland Best VPN Country

Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay

You should ask me why Iceland is in the second spot. Well, let me explain your whole story. Iceland follows the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (2016/679). GDPR came into effect after the Icelandic Parliament passed Act 90/2018 on data protection and processing of personal data. The law is also known as The Data Protection Act.

After the arrival of “Equal Access to Internet” laws in 2015 followed by GDPR, both laws forced data service providers to ensure unrestricted and same access to all citizens of the country. Equal Access to the Internet was defined again as “data service providers”, so access to the Internet becomes Icelandic citizens’ civil rights.

However, Iceland passed the Electronic Communications Act 81/2003 throughout the country. The laws’ primary focus was to implement data retention requirements and apply them to telecommunication providers. Law also mandates the retention of records for six months and says companies may only hand over the information on telecommunications in criminal cases or for public safety.

Since the government does not place any restrictions on being anonymous over the internet, it becomes more effective for privacy-friendly best VPN countries.


Romania Best VPN Country

Image by Ghiță Bizău from Pixabay

Being the home of CyberGhost VPN, we can assume that Romania is the next place to protect personal data or just say the best VPN country. As we discussed earlier, the European Union follows GDPR law completely and Romania comes into the EU.

EU’s GDPR law says, “Processing of personal data in the context of the activities of an establishment of a controller or a processor in the EU, regardless of whether the processing takes place in the EU or not”.

EU’s Data Retention Directive law says, “EU member states had to store citizens’ telecommunications data for a minimum of six months and at most 24 months”.

Storing an individual’s personal or private data for more than six months seems creepy, as it overrules privacy. If someone gets hands on this data, privacy will become dangerous. For people who have a good amount of bank balance, their credentials may come in the dark web for selling.

But the strange thing is being an EU country, Romania does not in compliance with all of its laws. And the Constitutional Court of Romania voids the EU’s Data Retention Directive law by saying those laws were violating Romanian citizens’ rights to privacy. 


Spain Best VPN Country

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Like Romania, Spain is also a part of the European Union, so it does follow the General Data Protection Regulation law. Since the announcement of this law, data protection and privacy have taken a long jump among citizens. After all, these laws can change in the future and may result in a privacy leak. So, most European countries are establishing their own data protection legislation.

In the same manner, Spain has also implemented a new data protection act known as the “Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights” that was passed in 2018. This law has introduced several novelties to both local businesses as well as those that have equipment located in the country.

Well, now Spain is among the few countries that have their own national data protection agency. This helps to handle complaints on personal data protection matters and people’s privacy.

For people who are looking for the best VPN country, Spain is a good option. While connecting to Spain’s server, you are protected by the National Data Protection Agency. And it never shares VPN sessions or internet logs to any country.


Panama Best VPN Country

Image by Ronald Kötz from Pixabay

Panama is one of the best VPN countries in the world with no internet restriction. In fact, it is the home of the world’s biggest VPN – NordVPN. Panama doesn’t come under the EU countries, so it does not follow GDPR laws and is also not part of the Five & Nine Eyes Alliance. Even it has no mandatory data retention laws. So no one including the government will store your personal data.

Personal Data Protection was released in 2019 by the Panama National Assembly in 2018. The Law establishes that personal data processing must be lawful. It must be happening with the prior, informed, and unequivocal consent of the data. For processing, it should establish a number of data subject rights.

With the best privacy law, you are under the protection of Panama until you are connected to Panama Server. No one can question Panama about your data, making it the best VPN country in my perspective.

Our Final Thoughts

Enough discussion, based on various laws passed by countries around the world, the above-discussed countries are best for you to connect to using a VPN. Some countries never care what you do online, some territories like the EU & Five Eye Alliance are spying on your personal data. Although VPN gives you complete freedom But doesn’t completely rely on a VPN too. Try to stay away from illegal content and use VPN safely.

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