How to Remote Access PC Files Over Wi-Fi?

Mohammad Aayan

You don’t need to sit always in front of the PC to access your files. Sometimes, you may need to access them while resting on the bed. That comes in handy while watching movies or enjoying the college life galleries that are stored on your personal computers.

Remote access PC files over Wi-Fi

Time and technologies are moving with the flash speed. Every day we see new tech and methods coming into the market. However, due to the information gap, most people don’t know yet. Though remote access PC files over Wi-Fi is not new but also not the old trick. Some People just don’t know yet.

I still remember, when I was in college and had to watch movies on my android after copying from my Laptop. That copy part was hectic work. It used to take lots of time if the files were pretty bigger. Now, I can access any small or big files without copying them using the USB cable.

Remote Access PC Files

Remote access PC files are now much easier now. You can access any files if remote access is enabled on the host device such as a personal computer, or laptop. However, your host device must be turned on to enable remote access. The files can be accessed via the following ways if appropriate remote access is setup.

1. Local Network
2. SMB
3. FTP
5. WebDAV

Few methods require the proper net connection while establishing the access. Even though those method requires a net connection, but can be accessed from anywhere. SMB and Local Networks can be used as local sharing methods. The only difference is that the Local Network automatically searches for IP addresses of the Host devices connected with the Wi-Fi and asks for credentials. While SMB doesn’t search IP address itself and prompts the user to provide it.

The one we are about to discuss is the Local Network. It doesn’t require much effort except the cost of installing the app on your android phone. It also doesn’t consume the data package.

The steps are as follows:

1. Open Windows Explorer, and head towards the drive, folders, or files you want to share.

2. Right-click on the selected item and open the “Properties” settings. This will open a pop-up page.

Remote Access PC Files, and Folders

3. Click on the “Sharing” tab, and then click on the “Advanced Sharing” option. It will open a new pop-pop.

4. Make sure you have checked “Share this folder”.

5. If you wish to modify the permissions for this folder, click on “Permission” and modify it according to your need.

Setting up PC remote access

6. Click on apply and now press ok.

We have enabled remote access on our host device. Now, it is time to install the application on our android to access the files.

7. Type File Manager + on google play store and install it.

8. Once, installation is done, connect your smartphone to the same network as your host device.

9. Open the app, and click on the “Remote” option. Again click on “Add a remote location”, and select “Local Network”.

File Manager + Remote access setup

10. If the network connection is the same for android and pc, then it will ask for a username and password.

11. Provide the username and password of your PC. If a Microsoft account is already connected with your PC, then provide your Microsoft credentials.

File Manager + Remote access login

12. If credentials are correct, you will have access to the shared folders.

Based on the permission configuration on the PC, the user will have the ability to perform certain tasks on remote files. Users can copy, move, or delete the remote files from PC to android within minutes.

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