How to Unblock Tutanota? – 2 Best Secure Methods

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Anonymous email services are the way to send emails privately, but some countries don’t allow them. One of the best private email services is Tutanota. Let’s see how to unblock Tutanota worldwide.

How unblock Tutanota?

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The digital world is moving at a fast pace so the people too. Nowadays most internet user uses social media platforms to connect with school, college and office friends, even with strangers too. Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a few others are growing very fast as the number of users is increasing. Even these platforms claim that they don’t store or record unnecessary users’ data. However, the truth is they collect user’s data, even chats also.

Another widely accepted platform is Email, basically, it was very popular in the early days, but people moved from it. Again Email is growing fast and used for many purposes. Some of the used examples are Email Marketing, Business Email, Email in Journalism, and in college. Even there are only a few Email services that are private and secure and one of them is Tutanota.

What is Tutanota?

Tutanota is an open-source secure email service that comes in the free and premium version and offers anonymous mail services to the user. The Tutanota mailbox enables you to secure your email communication easily. The automatic end-to-end encryption makes sure that no one can spy on your secure emails. Some of the Tutanota features are:

Encrypted transmission
End to End encryption of storage and mails
No third party captcha
No-log policy
Open-source clients
GDPR complaints
Encrypted emails and few others
Tutanota best feature

Image Courtesy – Tutanota

Why Totanota is Blocked in Russia and in Other Countries?

Mostly journalists and anonymous people from Russia use these types of mail services to share information/reports without letting it know the government. Apart from normal users, cybercriminals and hackers also started using these secure services to target people around the world. However, the government and authorities are smart enough that’s why these types of email services are blocked in Russia and in other countries.

This is not the case only with Totanota, but also with a secured VPN. Russian government’s rule states that every VPN service and ISPs have to hand over information of their users, in fact, some of the rules of VPN providers didn’t comply with the government’s rule.

Various cases happened with Totanota since 2019. In the year 2019, Users in Egypt were unable to access Tutanota, though this problem was not from Tutanota instead it was from the countryside. Egyptian governments were blocking the service to stop the citizens from sharing confidential information with other countries. You can read the company’s blog here.

In January 2020, American users were unable to access it. In the company’s blog post, Tutanota reported that U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T has blocked the service.

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Co-founder and developer of Tutanota, Matthias said that ISPs should not have control over the internet and we will fight for your right to privacy.

Despite being blocked in Russia, the United States, and some countries, secure and best methods are available to unblock Tutanota. So let’s discuss how to unblock Tutanota in these countries.

How to Unblock Tutanota Worldwide?

You should not stop keeping your privacy safe, even if the service is blocked in your country. You are not alone in this track, people from around the world use Tutanota, mostly from Russia and the United States. Even if the service is available in your region, don’t think it stays forever, you must find a proper solution.

Co-founder and developer of Tutanota Matthias suggest that Tutanota users can access it from anywhere by use of a VPN or TOR. However, in some countries, TOR is banned, so my personal choice is VPN only.

1. Unblock Tutanota using VPN

Virtual Private Network is very popular for the feature it provides to the users. During the early-stage of VPN development, people were not much aware of it. But time changes everything. Technology and the internet moved ahead, now many services have blocked by the government authorities.

People are now subscribing to VPN to go beyond censorship. VPN allows users to access any blocked or banned services within or from the country. VPN works by hiding the user’s IP address. When you connect to any VPN it encrypts all the internet traffic and routes through the tunnel making it hard for anyone to trackback you. 

Note use only the VPN that has a private DNS server or change your default DNS server with the trusted DNS server.

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To unblock Tutanota, connect to your VPN and choose a server location other than your country. For example, I’m in Russia and using Proton VPN to connect to the Japan server location. After a successful connection, your virtual location seems to be in Japan. Since this IP address is used by many ProtonVPN, so there is no way to capture and thus hides your true identity.

Try various available servers and choose which suits best you.

Unblock Tutanota from anywhere

Before purchasing any VPN, look here. I have reviewed some premium VPNs for you, visit here to read more.

2. Unblock Tutanota using Tor Browser

Tor is the simple and ultimate solution for accessing any blocked services or websites from anywhere. Its popularity is among the users who want an anonymous and secure connection. If you think your governments have blocked access to Tutanota, no problem. The Tor browser helps you to unblock Tutanota by bypassing the blockage from any country including Russia, the United States, and Egypt.

How to unblock Tutanota using Tor

Tor is an open-source Firefox ESR based most secured browser and provides access to anything, anything which is blocked. It may be an app, websites, media platforms, OTT, and sports. If you think your government is applying internet censorship rules and blocking access to your favorite thing, then just use TOR and you are good to go.
The only problem with Tor is that many countries have made its use illegal. So don’t use Tor if it is not legal in your country, otherwise, you will be under the government’s hand.

Tutanota has a clear motto of providing security and privacy based services. It will keep fighting and against the countries that have blocked the freedom of people. That’s why Tutanota has planned Onion Service to its platform, in fact, it is in development.

Read Tutanota’s roadmap to know which feature is about to come in the upcoming days.

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