IPVanish VPN Review – Does IPvanish Offers Best Feature?

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IPVanish VPN








Customer Support



  • Connection of 10 Devices
  • 250GB SugarSync Storage
  • Supports AdBlocking
  • Netflix & Torrent Supports


  • Less Payment Option
  • Less Streaming Platform Support

Using the internet is dangerous these days, but options are available to secure us. It’s up to us what matters more money or digital identity. Virtual Private Network (or VPN) like IPVanish VPN has promised to make the web safe and secure for us. With the ability to connect up to 10 simultaneous devices, never let go of your entertainment away. Features like Automatic IP address cycling and SugarSync Storage make IPVanish best among other VPNs.

Keep reading if you want to see what else IPVanish can do for you.

A VPN (a virtual private network) is the common and most effective way to protect your online secrecy. When you connect to a VPN server of your choice, it routes all your internet traffic through the secured tunnel. All the best VPN uses 256-bit AES standard encryption technology. The AES encryption technology encrypts all your incoming and outgoing traffic. Making it hard for hackers, governments, and your internet service provider to spy on you.

IPVanish has a huge collection of servers in more than 75 locations. When you connect to a VPN server location of your choice, you are assigned a new virtual IP address, and your original IP address is hidden and masked. Now, this new IP address is shared by many other IPVanish users, so there is no way to track your original location. This makes your face masked.

IPVanish – Plans & Pricing

Get IPVanish VPN by paying $10 per month, and this price is considerable against the market’s standard. ExpressVPN charges $12.95 per month with more features but does not have SugarSync, while CyberGhost VPN charges $12.99 for a month. Hotspot Shield VPN is providing a bunch of features only in $7.99, which is a great deal.

IPVanish VPN has rounded its subscription, making it very simple and suitable for every user. They have a very simple scheme called monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. The quarterly plan does not save much of your money and does not worth it. You can save up to 46% by taking the yearly subscription and get free access to 250GB SugarSync encrypted storage and backup.

Users may get disappointed because IPVanish VPN does not have any free trial. Don’t worry all plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take a monthly subscription and see how it works, and if you think features are good, then save your pocket by taking a yearly subscription.

If you are more concerned about price and can leverage some features, then you can go with free VPNs. TunnelBear, Windscribe, and many other VPNs are king as they also offer free plans. TunnelBear is offering premium-level features, but data is limited to 500MB only. On the other hand, ProtonVPN is offering unlimited data usage and bandwidth without any restrictions. However, you can also subscribe to the premium plan for more features.

IPVanish VPN Best and Secure

Image Courtesy – IPVanish

Most of the VPN don’t care who you are and treats everyone the same and this is a solid structure. Though this should be applicable for privacy, security, and customer service. Student Plan can be a big opportunity for VPN providers to attract college students but sadly, most of the big VPN does not offer this. IPVanish VPN does care about students that’s why it offers Student Plan. Just verify your student’s status with Student Beans and get 20% extra discounts and save up to 57% with a yearly plan.

IPVanish VPN Student Plan

Image Courtesy – IPVanish

IPVanish VPN has fewer payment options and does not offer a cryptocurrencies payment platform, meaning you can not make payments anonymously. So you are out of luck with IPVanish for this. While ExpressVPN and Surfshark VPN offers BitCoin payment options. The only thing IPVanish offers is a traditional method like credit cards and Paypal options.

We have reviewed NordVPN, read here.

Features You Can Get

We expect a bunch of features from the premium VPNs and IPVanish is not behind in the row. It offers all premium features as well as rare features that are not available in other VPNs. The connection of 10 devices simultaneously is another magic for IPVanish.

Socks5 Web Proxy Mask your IP address while you make P2P and VoIP connections.

SugarSync Encrypted Storage & Backup – Get extra security layer by encrypting everything, from your internet connection to your files with 250GB SugarSync secure cloud storage

Zero Traffic Logs – As IPVanish has a very strict policy, they never store metadata about your VPN session or any information which can expose you, and they don’t care what you do online.

Encryption – IPVanish provides everything to keep you anonymous on the internet. Its military-grade encryption promises you to keep your incoming and outgoing data completely secure.

Unlimited bandwidth – With the support of Socks5 Web Proxy, download anything from Torrent with unlimited bandwidth.

In just less price IPVanish has zipped lots of features and we don’t have any word to praise for it. However, it does not offer everything. Like Surfshark VPN offers Camouflage Mode, making sure that your ISP can’t tell that you have used a VPN. ExpressVPN makes clear that you can connect to any ultra-fast server with unlimited bandwidth traffic.

IPVanish Protocols

IPVanish VPN Protocols

Image Courtesy – IPVanish

A VPN protocol is a set of instructions, provides a bridge between the VPN client machine and the VPN server machine. Many ways are available to create a secure VPN connection, industry preference is OpenVPN so as to mine. With IPVanish you get OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), IKEv2, and PP2T. iOS apps consider OpenVPN as exceptional scrutiny, but IPVanish VPN is so clever and provides IKEv2 support for such apps.

OpenVPN implements a VPN technique to create point-to-point or site-to-site connection in the routed or bridged configuration. It uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.

L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) is a tunneling protocol used to support virtual private networks (VPNs) or as part of the delivery of services by ISPs. It does not provide any encryption or confidentiality by itself. Rather, it relies on an encryption protocol that it passes within the tunnel to provide privacy.

IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange version 2) is a fast and secure protocol. It works best when the server you’re connecting to is physically nearby.

Server & Server Locations

Always look for server distribution while purchasing a VPN. A good amount of servers gives you more options to spoof your location, even you may get a faster server near to your location. We don’t know how many subscribers do IPVanish VPN has, but the ground truth is that more subscribers more server locations.

Thanks to IPVanish for their efforts to bring a good amount of server to the users. It has 1400+ servers in more than 75 countries with 40,000+ IP addresses and covers the globe. Though this number is less than several competitors, still you will feel like goosebumps. Get a new IP address each time you connect to these servers.

IPVanish VPN has most of its servers in North America, taking the number of 790. Europe has only 485 servers but tops the second spot. North American users may get better service in terms of speed and connection reliability so as location spoofing. IPVanish VPN has taken care of parts of Africa and South America as most of the VPN doesn’t go there or they have fewer server distributions and this can be a great opportunity for IPVanish.

Virtual servers can also be a great choice for users and work fine like a physical server. I’m still surprised that IPVanish doesn’t offer a virtual server. Many users may want to try virtual servers, it’s just their bad luck. We can wait for some months, maybe they are working to bring it.

Some users may find themself behind the row, as another VPN gives great server options. CyberGhost topped the first place in the race with 6426 servers, while NordVPN has broken the borders with more than 5000 servers. Other VPNs like ExpressVPN and Hotspot Shield VPN has less number of servers but more than IPVanish. Many geeks think that more than server options, more security. But it’s not true, it only opens the geographic connection options and nothing more.

Get IPVanish to achieve high speed with nearest servers.

DNS & WebRTC Leak Prevention

Taking a VPN subscription is a good thing but if you are not testing it thoroughly, you are making yourself a fool. Some VPNs claim that they protect your site from leaking but just don’t follow the word. DNS and WebRTC are the two mediums where hackers can target you.

DNS leak is a dangerous term as it allows your queries to travel to the default DNS servers, which belong to your internet service provider (ISP). This can leak your online activity. Don’t worry, you are safe with IPVanish. By default, IPVanish sends all DNS queries through the company’s DNS server itself. This way, you never have to worry about your confidential information leaking. Visit the DNS Leak site for the test.

With IPVanish protect the DNS leaking

WebRTC Leak is another term you should be aware of. Web browsers are designed in such a way when you visit any site it leaves your device’s fingerprint there. Website owners know your IP address and media devices installed in your system. This information can help hackers to target you.

There are fewer ways to protect yourself. The first one is by using browser extensions like WebRTC Leak Shield. The second option is to use a VPN like IPVanish. If you are not sure whether WebRTC is disabled in your system or not, then simply visit the WebRTC Leak Test site.

WebRTC Leak Test

Privacy with IPVanish

IPVanish’s privacy policy is too lengthy, I get bored while reading it, but easy to understand. They are very concerned about user security and it was clear from the word. IPVanish VPN doesn’t like to play with the user’s data and surely is a zero-logs VPN service provider and does not keep a record of any connection, traffic, or activity data that can expose the user’s identity.

However, they track site activity to measure their performance and improve functionality. The most praiseworthy thing is that they really care about child’s data and their site and services are not for anyone under the age of 18 years old.

The company generates revenue from the IPVanish VPN’s subscription

IPVanish VPN Privacy Policy

Speed & Performance

I started speed testing using Fast.com powered by Netflix. Though the initial result was inconsistent, it managed to score 11MBPS speed with 40ms latency. After performing 3 other consecutive tests, the result was 13, 15, and 18MBPS. Note that your speed may vary depending upon the geographic location. Still, the streaming services were good and didn’t buffer a single time while watching Netflix.

I didn’t like the speed very much, and you can not expect much at this price. Switching the protocol may help you to increase the speed. I will recommend the fastest Hotspot Shield VPN if you are more concerned about speed.

IPVanish VPN Speed Test

IPVanish VPN & Netflix

The mark of a great VPN is to provide streaming services without any geo-restriction. Netflix and VPNs have a very hard relationship. As Netflix offers censored content in their specific regions, that’s why it tends to block most of the VPN. Again thanks to IPVanish VPN for their Split Tunneling technology as it helps to win the battle against Netflix. Split Tunneling routes apps you select through your internet service provider (ISP), instead of IPVanish VPN.

Though IPVanish VPN has Netflix supports in android and iOS devices and works well with most U.S. servers, it does not work with BBC iPlayer and abc.com. Some users may feel disheartened.

Supported Devices with IPVanish

IPVanish VPN & Torrents

Torrent library is very big and offers everything from web series to game and computer application to software. Whenever we open ThePirateBay or KickAsstorrent, it warns us that you are not protected and suggest to use a VPN. This is because the Torrent provides copyrighted material and reproduces/resells it without any concern to its original owner. Though in many countries torrent is banned. For clarification, the use of BitTorrent protocol is not illegal. But, popular torrent websites, like ThePirateBay or KickassTorrents, have come under problem.

One known fact is that seeding copyrighted contents/materials come under the reproducing and distributing category and it is a crime. During torrenting, you must hide your IP address and secure your P2P downloads with a torrent-friendly VPN. IPVanish’s dedicated SOCKS5 proxy server supports web (HTTP) traffic and P2P BitTorrent clients, such as uTorrent. So you are safe with IPVanish VPN.

How Good Is IPVanish VPN On Other Platform?

Connecting up to 10 devices is the company’s offer, you can download the native apps or configure it with your devices. The native apps are available for Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, Chromebook, and macOS. The company’s website offers specific instructions for configuring all your devices as well as router.

Visit the official site here.

IPVanish has already given many features at less price. However they are giving more, so just take it. Secure all your router traffic just by installing the IPVanish VPN, even for the device which doesn’t support VPN configuration.

Configure VPN on all your devices

IPVanish VPN Customer Support

In our whole review, we observed everything including customer support. It was a really good experience while connecting with customer care. IPVanish customer support has a few toll free options. If you feel shy about talking, other options are available too. Chat to their agent, I don’t know exactly whether robot or person, but their response is very quick. I had to wait for less than a minute to get a reply.

IPVanish Beyond VPN

Nowadays every VPN companies offer all features needed to protect a user. Some vendor offers more security features what they call as Additional Features. But IPVanish VPN offers more than that and has implemented features like AdBlocker, Malware Protection, and 250GB SugarSync Storage in their core system.

IPVanish VPN at a Glance

PCMAG.COM – IPVanish VPN secures your Web traffic from prying eyes and packs extra security features. It’s also one of the few VPNs that improved download performance in our testing.

TechRadar – IPVanish’s high speeds, choice of locations, and excellent client are hard to beat. If you’re after quality, take the plunge with this VPN.

TomsGuide – IPVanish VPN is the most complete VPN service we tested. As its name implies, it lets you disappear online and surf anonymously.

Cnet – Best Mobile VPN to Unblock Websites and Protect Your Privacy & Security.

Final Word on IPVanish VPN

In my all test, IPVanish VPN stands like a war hero and I appreciate the features company has zipped inside it. Easy configuration and stability in PC as well as in android are good. I think you should give it a try.

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