Is LeonFlix Safe and Legal to Stream Movies and TV Shows?

Mohammad Aayan

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows online with LeonFlix. A site that provides unlimited entertainment content at no cost. Is Leonflix safe and legal? Get your question answered here.

Is LeonFlix Legal and Safe to Watch Movies and TV Shows

I know you have been searching for different techniques and ways of watching movies and tv shows online on the internet. The good thing is that a number of websites are available where you can bang with your favorite entertainment genre while lying on the bed. LeonFlix is such a platform that offers Hollywood entertainment content like movies and tv shows.

What is LeonFlix Really?

LeonFlix is a multi-app entertainment platform that offers a wide range of Hollywood and related country based movies and tv shows in various genre. This app can be downloaded from the official website and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspbian operating systems. The platform is not available for Android, however in few years, LeonFlix team can launch the mobile app also. But for now, there major focus is to improve desktop experience better and better.

Simply LeonFlix is a modular search tool for various entertainment content. Its available modules crawl videos or video files from a number of hosting websites. It plays these videos or video files within the app only by extracting them from the hosted sites if allowed. Here, the hosted site means a site where these videos are lying originally.

The extracted contents are available freely on the app platform and the official claims that there is no subscription fee and it does not charge anything from users. But keep a note in mind that it really doesn’t host any content on its platform by own, and the copyright matter comes here. So the question remains the same – “Is Leonflix safe and legal”. Don’t worry, we will discuss this in a further section.

What is Available on LeonFlix?

It has a wide range of collections ranging from Romance to Horror genre. With the Movies and TV shows option for any year, you can access the content right on the app. Bookmark your favorite movies or tv shows, and if you have any torrent magnet link, just put it in the Torrent section watch it there only. I recommend not to do such things as the contents hosted on Torrent are illegal and accessing them falls under criminal acts.

Apart from movies and tv shows, the website also crawls and provides MIT OpenSourceWare video lectures from (It is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.). It also extracts video lectures from Khan Academy. These lectures are available for free on the respective hosting sites, so LeonFlix is legal for this case.

Is LeonFlix Safe and Legal?

LeonFlix says that it is an entertainment content search tool and doesn’t host any copyrighted videos on its server. Their official statement says that this platform merely scrapes 3rd-party websites to extracts videos/video files and it must be strictly used for searching open license or public domain movies and shows only.

LeonFlix is not designed in a way to manipulate or play copyrighted contents. It depends on users how he uses it and what searches he makes through it. As it doesn’t store any browsing or streaming history(it claims so), it is the user’s responsibility to use it in the appropriate manner. Better don’t use any Torrent magnet link or any pirated based link on platform.

Though it seems that LeonFlix is safe and legal as it extracts only open license or public domain movies and tv shows, opt for any subscription-based streaming platform to make your life comfortable.

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