Is Soap2Day Safe and Legal for Streaming Movies & TV Shows?

Watching movies and TV shows in free have become a trend these days. Not only in one country, but this trend is also all around the globe. Somehow internet users are able to stream their favorite movies and shows on websites like Soap2day. Not the normal thing, they also ask is Soap2Day safe and legal or not.

Is soap2day safe and legal

Soap2Day Overview

Soap2Day is an entertainment website that provides mostly movies and TV shows for free. It doesn’t mean that you are going to get a clean and easy interface of the website, they make money through ads program.

Each time you enter the website, along with movies and TV shows you will be welcomed with ads. This cost users’ experience, bad interface, unnecessary clicks on ads, and who knows if they track you and collect your data for mining. That’s how they make money.

Coming back to Soap2Day, all the latest and newly released movies can be found here. Tv shows with their new season or episode come right after being hosted on their respective platform/channel. It brings HD quality movies and TV shows on the platform with download options every day. That’s the reason, it is very famous in the US. Surprisingly, an SEO tool Semrush shows almost 2.2M search volume for it in the US only making 3.3M globally.

In 2018, an anonymous person or organization (actually unknown and no one knows) created the Soap2Day website with the dot com domain but that didn’t go well. Actually, it streams pirated and illegally purchased movies, TV shows, and sports content on the website.

In most countries streaming, selling, or modifying copyright content without the authority of the owner is illegal. Even some jurisdictions fine a good amount of money if anyone caught doing this. So, its dot com domain soon went down.

Now, redirects users to which is the official website of Soap2Day. This official website gives users four different domain options to visit the streaming site of whom users can select the fastest one.

is Soap2Day legal

Is Soap2Day Safe?

The answer is useless for the people who will visit Soap2Day after being warned about it. The dot com website went down from Google because of the policy violation and the website nature.

From the front end, Soap2Day looks good but when you click on any movies to stream, it opens a new tab. Generally, this new tab is due to Pop-under Ads, but not necessary and it may lead to any dangerous, malicious, or mining site.

Is Soap2Day Safe? depends on how you use it. My honest suggestion is not to use Soap2Day unless you are very much eager to test it. Use some subscription-based platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you still insist, I will say use any solid VPN such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or CyberGhost. Another option is the use of some good browser extensions like Ghostery and uBlock Origin. Don’t click on any ads from your side in these pirated sites even if it appears to be genuine. There is a various best and most secure browser that can help to overcome the tracking and pop-up ads.

Is Soap2Day Legal?

Technically speaking, the owner of the website doesn’t own or doesn’t have the authority to republish the contents without the prior consent of the original owner. Yet Soap2Day publishes the pirated contents and that’s totally illegal.

All most all other countries have set up some types of rules and laws to punish if found using these illegal and pirated sites. Some jurisdictions fine the people who use these sites. Fines may vary from $1000 to $100K.

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