How to Make Firefox Look Better And Cool In 2023?

Mohammad Aayan

Firefox doesn’t have a dynamic nature to bring the homepage background of our choice, while Chrome has. It is up to us to find out a way to make the homepage dynamic. Here’s how you can make Firefox look better and cool.

How to make Firefox look better and cool

Firefox used to be the number-one choice for users in the past. Despite having strong privacy and security options, the number of users is declining day by day. Most probably it is due to its boring homepage and bad layout. All this comes during installation only, and users can change the layout up to some extent.

If we look at alternatives, Chrome is best at its good-looking design. Though the use of Google Chrome costs users their privacy. But, it offers something users can’t refuse, which is the awesome look of the homepage, the option to customize the theme, and the background image.

Firefox users can modify the homepage by removing unnecessary stuff such as Shortcuts, Recent activities, and Pocket recommendations. Installing a good-looking theme can make the browser layout awesome. Background wallpaper on the homepage is not possible with the current settings. Still, with a few tweaks, users can make it work. Here’s how to make Firefox look better and cool.

Make Firefox Look Better and Cool

Needless to say, customization steps are pretty easy and self-understandable. Here, users just need to focus on the homepage and layout.

1. Homepage Customization

1. Open Firefox Browser, and click on the Gear icon at the top right of the homepage. Disable Shortcuts, Recommended by Pocket, and Recent Activity tabs.

How to make Firefox look awesome

2. Type “about:preferences#home” in the Firefox Tab, or open Settings, and head towards the Home section.

3. Enable Web Search if not enabled already under Firefox Home Content. Disable Snippets to avoid tips and news from Firefox.

How to make Firefox look better

4. Type “about:support” in the Firefox Tab and hit enter. Once done, click on Open Folder under “Profile Folder”.

How to Set Image in Firefox Homepage

5. Upon opening of Profile Folder, create a new folder and rename it to chrome. Under the newly created folder, create a file of the name “UserContent” with .css file format.

6. Paste the following code into the “UserContent.css” file.

@-moz-document url-prefix(about:home), url-prefix(about:newtab)
.click-target-container *, .top-sites-list *
color: #fff !important ;
text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #000 !important ;
background:url(Image_File_URL) !important ;
background-size: cover !important ;

7. Download the desired image from the internet, and paste it into the chrome folder.

8. Open the desired image using the browser, and copy the image path from the browser tab. Replace the “Image_File_URL” in the UserContent.css file with the copied path, and save the file.

9. Type “about:config” in Firefox Tab and hit enter. Look for and change the option “toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets” to true.

2. Layout Customization

1. Open Firefox Browser, in the new tab type “about:addons”. Users can also open it from Settings also.

2. Under the Themes section, search for “FF-Logo BG”. Install and enable it. After all the steps, restart Firefox.

Firefox should look better, cool, and more awesome now.

How to Install Firefox Theme

Now, Firefox should look better, cool, and more awesome. Users still can look at multiple themes which suit best to them. Exploring multiple customizations option will increase productivity.

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