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MyFlixer has been very famous among free media streaming websites on the internet. The reason is that it is the best among all available free platform. Let’s deep dive to know what it is actually and what contents we can find here.

MyFlixer watch latest movies and tv shows online

Internet is like a gift to the people who love to watch entertainment content. Earlier, a traditional platform like TV was on the peek where we used to wait a lot for our favorite movies and tv shows. Advertisements and schedule were other factors that always interrupted our moods. Time is over for such things. Now we have the Over-the-top (OTT) platform and it is on the peek right now.

OTT Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and a few others are the market players and bringing new and fresh content regularly. While competition is also a reason that some platform has reduced its subscription charge in countries like India. Still, not every entertainment lover can subscribe to the paid platform. That’s why they look for another way, generally free streaming sites.

Free streaming sites are increasing rapidly on the internet (we will discuss whether it is safe and legal or not.). Technically speaking, it is because of the rising of paid platforms. MyFlixer is also one of the media streaming sites available on the internet, going further we will discuss everything about it.

What is MyFlixer?

MyFlixer is a multi-domain media content streaming site that provides movies, tv shows, and documentaries. It offers all of its content without any subscription charge, meaning everything is free and the owner of the site doesn’t have any intention to charge money in the future. Users can create an account by providing their name and email if they wish to save the playlists and histories.

With the help of the search option, users can find movies or tv shows of their choice. If not happy with the search option, try to filter out using the country or genre option menu. Whether you like Hollywood, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, everything is available here.

The great thing is that MyFlixer provides a list of proxy sites. If you get any issues or you think the site is banned in your country, choose other proxy sites from the list. Here is the list of all the domains associated with MyFlixer:


Available Features

1. 4 different proxy sites
2. Free contents without any subscription
3. 720 and 1080 HD quality videos
4. Sorted by top IMDB ratings
5. Sorted by latest and trending movies and tv shows
6. App platform for android users
7. Help support for question-answer queries

Different Genres

You can expect a large collection of libraries containing more than 300000 videos of movies and tv shows. What more! a wide range of genres and multi-language videos from around the world sorted by top IMDB ratings. Here is the list of available genres:

1. Action
2. Adventure
3. Animation
4. Comedy
5. Crime
6. Documentary
7. Drama
8. Family
9. Fantasy
10. History
11. Horror
12. Kids
13. Music
14. Mystery
15. Romance
16. Science Fiction
17. Thriller
18. War
19. War & Politics
20. Western

How does MyFlixer Works?

All paid platform normally works in a similar way, but the case is different for the free streaming website. Either free streaming platform produces, and owns content like paid platform, or they just provide the link from third party content hosting sites.

MyFlixer doesn’t store or host any of the media content on its server. It only links the media hosted on third-party servers and extracts or plays the media link on the platform itself.

Availability on Android OS

You can download the app for android OS from the official site. It also supports android with Chromecast. The app has the ability of streaming content with multiple language subtitles. Well, streaming is faster than the site platform with absolutely no ads.

myflixer app for android

Is MyFlixer Safe?

Though all domain of the MyFlixer site seems safe, however, I found some issues on 3 sites with .site, .today, and .com domain. When you enter the site, you will find that notifications keep appearing on the page and suggesting us to install some app. This is disgusting as we don’t know the authenticity of the apps, so we must not click on such things.

Another issue is that anywhere you click on the page except blank space, it will redirect you to some unknown sites such as ads, or malicious site, we can not trust. If you are willing to stream the site use version. It is just fine and doesn’t have any annoying pop-ads or redirecting links.

The android platform is good as it doesn’t have any annoying ads and works perfectly, even better than the site version. No redirect link on the page after clicking on movies or tv shows links.

Is MyFlixer Legal?

No, it is not legal. It streams the movies and tv shows which is not owned or produced by the platform itself. This is called piracy and it is a criminal offense in many countries that’s they have banned MyFlixer. It directly doesn’t seem illegal but it is. It first links the content poster to third-party hosting sites and plays within the platform. If you only want to use it, then our best suggestion is that you use the best VPN. Read here to know which VPN you should use to access it.


MyFlixer is a great option to stream movies and tv shows. With no subscription, charge enjoys your favorite content on the go. While android and version are safe to use but it is not legal. Technically speaking, it indirectly promotes illegal accessing of contents through the platform. This is against crime and we don’t support crime. If you really want to save yourself from the laws and government don’t use it.

Note:- We don’t recommend and are strongly against accessing such types of websites. Using such types of websites to stream or download pirated content is a criminal offense. So follow the copyright act. If you really want to stream movies and tv shows, go for the subscription-based plan at Netflix or Prime Video.

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