1st Outriders Broadcast is Revealed with Deep Game Features

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People Can Fly revealed some additional features, gameplay, and story in the Outriders broadcast, but the secret is about to come… Check Out the Outriders Game details here.

Watch Outriders Broadcast

Outriders Broadcast | PC – Flickr

It seems People Can Fly don’t want to disappoint the gamers around the world. To tell them more about the game’s environment and demo play, People Can Fly has introduced a monthly Outriders broadcast. The game’s first monthly Outriders broadcast titled “Built for the Core” streamed on youtube on 28th May.

Game Broadcast shows a wide range of play, classes, powers, customization, playing strategy, and branches. So far they have shown us only part of a less section of the whole game. Let’s dive deep to dig in.

The First City

In the first Outriders Broadcast, the gameplay took us to Enoch, The First City established by ECA after their arrival. When Anomaly happens it left the city dead, an engine of SM Flores spaceship falls down on Enoch and causes an explosion in the city. The City lost power and food, after a decade of The Anomaly, people left the city, except some.

The first mission starts with stealing the truck which belongs to an ECA scientist Dr. Abahram Zehidi. This truck holds valuable information about the anomaly and mysterious signal inside it. Players are not alone in the city, there are other creatures too. One of them is The Perforo, a pre-existing species in Enoch, and spread rapidly after the first hit of the anomaly.

Watch the broadcast here.

Outriders Broadcast #1 | Video Credit – Outriders

Outriders – User Interface & Customization

People Can Fly considered every aspect of a gamer while developing the game. Some gamers may like every element of an RPG including damage, fires, and actions while others may want a pure shooting experience. So no need to worry, Outriders has given the option to customize it as per their experience.

World Tier System

Well, some gamer wants a hard-playing experience, so Outriders has fifteen options to tune difficulty level to play the game. Players can make Outriders a simple survivor in the Enoch or just tune the level and make him a hero to get Hell on Enoch’s experience. As you get further in the game difficulty level increase. With a high level, you may need some guns and gear to progress in the game. Loot the high-level weapons from the Caption’s inventory.

Outriders Powers – Spotlight

In the first Outriders Broadcast, People Can Fly reveals some spotlight of the game after the gameplay. They showed the depth of the game with the introduction of the class system. This spotlight series shows only the powers of the Trickster class. Each class has eight powers and are categorized as combat, healing, and movement.

The Trickster is an amazing class giving you the ability to manipulate time and space to kill the enemy with surprise. Trickster has eight power but till now Outriders broadcast has revealed only fours.

Temporal Slice
Borrowed Time
Slow Trap
Hunt the Prey

Temporal Slice will be the first power each player will see at the beginning of the game. It temporarily paralyzed the enemy and slows them, so allowing you to kill them.

Using Borrowed Time skill players get the maximum percentage of their health as a shield and absorbs the damage before your health is affected. Furthermore, you can create a time clone of yourself at any location of your choice.

Slow Trap power creates a dome around you and slowing down the enemy. However, you and your fellow player can still move out of it. You can also use it to resurrect the health of your teammate.

Hunt the Prey allows you to highlight any visible enemies and using it once more will directly teleport you behind the enemy. In addition, you will get a percentage of maximum health as a shield.

More Secrets is about to Come

So far Outriders Broadcast shows a brief glimpse and depth of the game including powers. In the next Outriders Broadcast episode, People Can Fly will show the other four power of Trickster class. You will also get the additional spotlight, game-depth, and more sections of the game.

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