Outriders Game – Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far

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Play new shooter looter Outriders game from People Can Fly. Additional Details are coming soon…

Play Outriders game to get looter shooter experience.

People Can Fly name seems new in the gaming industry. Hold On, then who developed Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War franchise. Of course, People Can Fly developed all these fantastic games. This time they are shaking their hands with the new brand game titled Outriders.

Outriders is a bizarre three-player game with a distinct focus on storytelling and gunplay. People Can Fly has a history of making shooters like a story. This year Outriders game is going to shoot the street with its action-packed story, and at the same time, next-gen console Xbox Series X will be on the horizon. From this, anyone can guess that the launch date will be in holiday 2020 (November-December).

Outriders game is a third-person shooter from developers People Can Fly. Square Enix has taken the step to publish it in the market. Enjoy this new RPG game set in the dark and desperate universe with full control of game customization. Players can play in solo mode or with three other players and build your own custom class.

Outriders Game Release Date – What does it Reveals?

Details about the game were shared during E3 2019 Conference along with the release date. In an earlier press release, the game was scheduled to release in summer 2020. But, Square Enix pushes the release window to give attention to Marvel’s Avengers.

Now the new release window is Q4 2020 for next-gen as well as current-gen console, giving enough time to People Can Fly for polishing the game. So it will land on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X. Some players might feel disappointed because the game will not available on Google Stadia.

Outriders Game Trailers So Far

People Can Fly also revealed the announcement trailer during E3 2019 Conference. The trailer was 2 minutes long and shows some glimpse of the main characters, action, and gaming environments. Not much from the announcement trailer, except that it’s going to hit the market this holiday.

Announcement Trailer | Video Credit – Outriders

People Can Fly released an official trailer a few months backs and reveals some important storyline of the game. The trailer took us from dying earth to Enoch, a place where power flows through the dirt. In the search for life, characters got the new power from Enoch and also faced the biggest threat they have ever seen.

Power from Enoch | Video Credit – Outriders

Additional Released Videos

Outriders Games evolved around the group of peoples who survived from the source of the signal but get caught by anomalies. This massive power causes their physical body to go beyond the limit. They become altered and able to walk through space and time.

People Can Fly has introduced four classes to go through the story – Pyromancers, Tricksters, Devastators, and the fourth one is not revealed yet. Each class has unique powers. Players can choose any one of them to fight with the enemy.

Watch here the Classes & Powers video.

Outriders Classes & Powers | Video Credit – Outriders

Outriders Game – World & Story

When the Earth was no more inhabitable, the groups of characters flee to an untouched planet, Enoch. From the outside, planet Enoch seems fresh, but from inside it was surrounded by a hidden force known as The Anomaly. Players fall into a 30-year sleep after being caught in it. While they were in sleep creatures of Enoch advanced and learned how to control it so as the players after sleep.

After the players woke, they have nothing but powers from The Anamoly. They went to search for an unknown signal, which is still there after 30-years. Now the players have the chance to cultivate the civilization, but it is not simple as it seems to be. They are in a dangerous place which is full of terrible beasts as well as the worst animal of all. They even can’t imagine what they were about to face in Enoch.

Watch the World & Story here to understand it fully.

Outriders – World & Story | Video Credit Outriders

Official Outriders Gameplay Demo

Outriders is a third-person shooter game giving you the option to play either alone or in a group of up to three players. With the option of class customization, players can play as Pyromancers, Tricksters, or Devastators. However, there is one more class but is not revealed yet. Each class has a different and unique power and requires a moment to use them one by one.

The Trickster is an amazing class giving you the ability to manipulate time and space to kill the enemy with surprise. Game Informer describing it in their cover story as “a highly mobile attacker who uses teleportation and time-bending skills to control the arena.”

Second in the row is Pyromancer, which can manipulate explosive volcanic energies and devastating walls of flames. This class seems to be the best for those looking for a massive spectacle with area-of-effect attacks.

Finally, there is the Devastator. This class utilizes the earth’s power to attack the enemy. By using this class players shatter the earth around themself.

Official Game Play | Video Credit – Outriders

Pre Order For Outriders

Get an additional perk and a free upgrade to The Deluxe Edition. Pre-order is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. People Can Fly and Square Enix may offer beta access with pre-order, but we are not sure about this. For now The Deluxe Edition Includes:

  • The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets
  • The Hell’s Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns
  • The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals

Outriders Game Broadcast #1

People Can Fly don’t want to put its audience on the hold. For the people who are more eager than the studio, they have started a monthly broadcast to share additional game footage to impress the world of gamers.

Get ready every month to find out the hidden gems of the game, starting from new areas, enemies, guns & gears, and all related features. Witness the epic actions and powers with your eyes starting from 28th May.

PC Configuration for Outriders

Given below PC requirements are based on the latest game’s graphics history. Please check the official website of the Outriders game for clear recommendations.

Minimum Requirements, Predicted

CPU: Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805
GPU: AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Storage: 40 GB Hard drive space

Recommended Requirements, Predicted

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz / AMD FX-8370
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Storage: 40 GB Hard drive space

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