ProtonMail vs Tutanota: Which One is Best and Most Secure?

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Email is not only part of a professional’s life but also for ordinary people. It is very hard to find the best and secure Email services, however, ProtonMail and Tutanota claim that they are the best.

In this article, I will do a comparison of ProtonMail vs Tutanota to know which is best and most secure.

Protonmail Vs Tutanota which one is better

Email is very popular worldwide as it fills the communication gap between peoples as mobile does. It is generally used to send formal and confidential information with some attachments if necessary to other mail addresses. Well using email is not the big thing, the message it contains must reach the destination safely.

Most of the email services available on the internet are not secure. Not secure means, these emails can be hacked easily and if it contains confidential message/reports, then chances are more that hackers will target.

That’s the reason, people look for the best and secure email services. Few email services like ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Hushmail are secure and can be trusted. Here, I will discuss the ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison, but before that let’s talk about encrypted emails first.

Encrypted Emails

When an email is sent, it must reach the destination email address and not at other addresses. However, it generally doesn’t end securely. People who are interested in your message may find a way to hack it, to read it.

To avoid leaking and stealing confidential messages when sent over emails, it is necessary to encrypt the whole email. Email encryption is the process of encrypting or masking email messages along with the content.

It renders the content of emails unreadable as they travel from origin to destination, so even if someone intercepts your messages, they can’t interpret the content. Both ProtonMail and Tutanota offer encrypted email services.

For an email to be securely encrypted, you should encrypt the following parameters.

  • Email provider connection
  • Email message including body, subject, images, and if other things required
  • Stored, cached, or archive emails

What is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail is a free(also premium subscription) and secure email service provider founded in Switzerland by scientists at the CERN research center. Secure ProtonMail has all its servers located in Switzerland, so all the user’s data is kept under the safety of Swiss Privacy Laws.

Users don’t have to worry about the loss of the information as ProtonMail has open-source, end-to-end, and zero-knowledge architecture. The company claims that it can not decrypt the message also, even if it gets a leak, no one can intercept it.

Creating an account is as simple as doing nothing and no identifying information is required. It’s up to the user what level of security they want in the email. High the security, high the cost.

Create ProtonMail Account here.

What is Tutanota?

Tutanota is a free and most secure email in the world as it claims to be. The name Tutanota came from a Latin word that means “Secure Note”. The free model includes several features that are sufficient to keep email secure. Though the premium plan also comes, I don’t think it is necessary.

It is an open-source-based project so there is complete transparency behind the security and encryption. Tutanota’s 2FA and end-to-end encryption technology guarantees that your confidential message will never go anywhere except the destination. Even if anyone gets a hand on your data, no one can decrypt it.

Many governments have taken away internet freedom from its citizen. However, Tutanota is the only service provider that offers very secure encryption and fight against the wrong decision of the government. That’s the reason countries like Russia, the US, and turkey have banned Tutanota’s service many times.

Here are the two best methods to unblock Tutanota.

Create Tutanota Account here.

ProtonMail Vs Tutanota: Feature Comparison

In this ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison, I will discuss all privacy and security-related features along. One thing to note that both ProtonMail and Tutanota are from different countries, so I will also discuss country-wise privacy laws to hunt the best one.

1. Pricing and Storage

People generally prefer free-of-cost services with the best-in-class feature. Well, sometimes this leads to a bad end as there are many service providers who make false claims and promises. However, both ProtonMail and Tutanota stand first in their promise.

ProtonMail simply offers an attractive price model and covers all aspects and requirements of users. Even there is a way for those who don’t want to make any payment for service. The price model is:

ProtonMail Vs Tutanota Price Comparision

ProtonMail’s free plan offers limited storage and features. The storage is limited to 500MB which can be a disappointing factor for some users who are looking for at least 1GB. I didn’t find any encryption feature with the free plan also support is limited and users can send only 150 messages a day.

Plus and Visionary plan offers a bunch of impressive features including more storage capability. Both hold 5 and 20GB of storage respectively. Users can create an email with their own domain name(for example [email protected]). Messages will be encrypted and secure, also customer support will be the first priority.

The good option is that Visionary Plan has full access to the ProtonVPN services. So if you don’t want to spend extra money on a VPN and only want to spend money on email service, this plan is just perfect. No other service providers offer this feature, not even Tutanota.

The professional plan is not for individuals rather than it is for an organization. All these plan model has predefined subscription prise. Speaking truly, the price range is too high against the market standard, except for the Visionary Plan.

Tutanota’s plan is a little bit complex as it has a Private and Business Model. Again Private and Business Plans Model have three different subscriptions and varies with the price. Private Model Plan is:

ProtonMail and Tutanota Price Comparison

Tutanota’s free plan gives 1GB of data which is sufficient for a normal user. However it has limited support, but far better than ProtonMail. The free plan also has one calendar accessibility. I will suggest choosing the Premium plan as it only costs €1.20 per month and it is very considerable against the market standard.

Premium plan has enough features for a professional if he doesn’t want to store email for a long time because storage capability is 1GB only. The impressive offer with Tutanota is that it also provides add-on storage if required. By paying €2.40 per month, you can add 10GB monthly to your account.

If additional features such as Whitelabel needed, users can book from the official website. Also, add the encrypted contact form “Secure Connect” to your website. Remember, the extra features will cost you money, so be away from that if not necessary. In the ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison, the lead goes to Tutanota with respect to price.

2. Encryption & Security

Both ProtonMail and Tutanota use end-to-end encryption methods to make sure that no one can decrypt the information except the sender and recipient with the same email services. Hackers have many hands, even if they got a hand on your messages they will not be available to decrypt it ever.

Tutanota’s encryption is based on AES 128-bit encryption technology which is also known as Military-grade encryption. This encryption technology is also famous among various VPN services. It also uses the RSA 2048-bit protocol that ensures a secure connection between the sender and recipient.

Apart from end-to-end encryption, Tutanota also uses “Two Factor Authentication” that keeps your account secure. Also ensures that no one can open it without your concern.

ProtonMail has a different encryption approach than Tutanota. Since it wants to offer cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication that’s why it uses OpenPGP encryption along with AES 256-bit encryption. AES 256-bit encryption is also considered a Standard Encryption in the United States.

Both ProtonMail and Tutanota apply encryption on the following features.

ProtonMail Vs Tutanota Encryption

ProtonMail’s PGP encryption though has a problem because it doesn’t encrypt the subject lines while Tutanota encrypts. If the sender doesn’t have PGP encryption, there will be no encryption on the subject line.

ProtonMail has its own server at different locations within Switzerland that reside under 1000 meter granite rock in a heavily guarded bunker that can survive a nuclear attack. It seems very promising regarding data security, but claims may be right.

Tutanota has its server in Germany where all the data are stored using end-to-end encryption.

So better to choose Tutanota. However, if you ignore subject line encryption, then ProtonMail is the winner in the ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison.

3. Privacy

Privacy law generally depends on where do you live or where the company belongs. Some countries come under the Five, Nine, and Fourteen eye alliance while some come under the EU. ProtonMail and Tutanota belong to different regions and have different privacy laws.

ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based company and comes under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). Good thing is that it doesn’t belong to the EU Alliance and the US jurisdiction.

DPA law strictly prohibits the processing of users’ data if the user has not provided any consent. In fact, ProtonMail does not ask for any personal information during the account creation.

Tutanota is an open-source project and offers complete transparency to the user. The company is based in Germany and belongs to the 14 Eyes Alliance. Though it comes under Fourteen Eyes, the German Federal Data Protection Act protects the users’ personal data. Like ProtonMail, Tutanota also doesn’t ask for any personal information while signup.

Both ProtonMail and Tutanota have a Zero-Knowledge Log and don’t record anything that can identify the user’s identity. However, Tutanota logs the users ‘ IP addresses and sends them for an anonymization process. Here both service provider wins in ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison.

4. Features

Every email providers want to lead the world, but it doesn’t happen if they don’t have something to offer. All start with the features as it is the promising factor of reliable and secure services. Here the competition is tough as ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison mainly depends and relies on the features.

Talking about Tutanota, It offers a great and ample amount of features if you choose the right plan. Tutanota’s feature varies with the plan you choose. Though the free plan is available, however, Tutanota made it with limited features. In fact, the free plan is best if you don’t require many of features and security.

Tutanota has also announced the upcoming and planned feature on its official website. You can read it here.

Some of the features of Tutanota are:

Features of Tutanota

ProtonMail is more concerned about the premium plans rather than the free plan. In fact, their full support is towards premium plan only that’s the reason you will find upgrade options everywhere. All of their features are in a premium plan based on the type of plan.

The basic plan includes end-to-end encryption and only 500MB of data. Bigger the plan, the more the features. Their Visionary plan is full of features and surprising thing is that it includes a premium subscription to ProtonVPN.

If you don’t need old messages from anyone then Self Destructing Messages feature can help you do this. It automatically deletes old messages and makes sure no one can get it not even company people.

ProtonMail also uses SSL Secured Connections to ensure that the web page your browser loads is secured and no one has tampered with it. Actually, SSL is used on the website to make the connection secure between server and client. Here the lead goes to Tutanota in ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison.

5. Usability & Device Support

If you have used any email service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or others, then you will not feel difficulty while using both ProtonMail and Tutanota. Both have a pretty simple layout and interface.

The surprising thing about Tutanota is that it doesn’t have an ad program on its platform whether you are using a basic or premium version. This creates a huge difference between both. The interface is very clean and all menu options lie on the right side of the screen giving you a huge space.

The settings menu has basic and Global settings. Global settings offer some customization such as setting Spam rules, custom email domains, and security. Basic settings include appearance, user management, groups, and Whitelabel. You can see the calendar at the left top corner where you can set events.

ProtonMail vs Tutanota Emailbox Settings

On the other hand, ProtonMail has created every way possible to generate revenue. While their premium version doesn’t have an ad program, but its basic version has and can be annoying for some users. Every time you open the app platform, the ad will keep popping up on-screen until you upgrade.

ProtonMail’s interface seems the same as Tutanota but its ad has taken much space. Beyond that, ProtonMail comes with lots of settings options. The dashboard shows an overview of the account and storage. You can set custom filters and spam filters to avoid unnecessary emails.

Some main settings are Auto Reply, Security, IMAP/SMTP, and Keys. If you have chosen the Visionary plan, then you can ProtonVPN with an email account.

ProtonMail and Tutanota Emailbox Settings

Services must be platform-independent so that every user can get a chance to use them. Tutanota cares more about user’s preferences that’s why it is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Browser.

In the case of ProtonMail, it has limited platform support such as Andriod, iOS, and Browser. Again in ProtonMail vs Tutanota Comparision, ProtonMail last the lead. That’s the reason it lost against Tutanota in ProtonMail vs Tutanota comparison.

6. Communication with Non-User

Both ProtonMail and Tutanota have different work styles when communicating with non-user. It defines how much your email is secured for both service users and non-user.

ProtonMail’s “Encrypt for Outside” feature lets users enable end-to-end encryption between ProtonMail and non-ProtonMail users. However, problems occur at encrypting the subject line. This happens because ProtonMail uses PGP encryption that doesn’t support subject line encryption.

On the other hand, Tutanota uses a password exchange when communicating with Tutanota users and non-user. Tutanota users must share a password with the non-Tutanota users to open the end-to-end encryption on the emails.

7. Customer Support

ProtonMail and Tutanota offer enough support to the user through various platforms. have similar support systems. Documents and How to the tutorial are enough to set up accounts. Both offer email support as well as social media platform like Reddit. Their user can directly contact the team regarding any issue.

When you will contact through Reddit, user communities may also provide you the proper solutions. User can contact ProtonMail using various email which is created for different help sections.

Tutanota’s FAQ is rich in contents that include General Question Answer along with some for Privacy, Security, App, and Client, Instructions. The media press provides information about the coming features, version updates, and working team.

ProtonMail Vs Tutanota Customer Support

Our Final Thoughts: ProtonMail vs Tutanota

ProtonMail vs Tutanota was a really tough job as deciding which one is best includes every aspect. Both are good at work and extremely secure for users and non-user. If you go through the cost and features then Tutanota is best.

ProtonMail is not behind, even in some parameters it leads the way. Furthermore, it uses AES 256-bit encryption which is the most secure encryption method, even Tutanota doesn’t use 256-bit encryption. The real problem with ProtonMail is that it doesn’t encrypt the subject line of the message.

ProtonMail offers only 500MB storage in the free plan while Tutanota gives 500MB additional data storage summing it to 1GB. First look for the feature each plan contains then choose a suitable one. Though I like ProtonMail more, however, my support is with Tutanota.

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