Seedr – Best Way to Download Your Torrent Files

Mohammad Aayan

Are you still waiting for torrent files to get downloaded? No need to worry even if it doesn’t have many seeds. helps you to download all your torrent files with ease.

Seeder Best Way to Download Torrent Files

Torrent is a file-sharing community of internet geeks and is generally used for sharing files such as movies, TV Series, Games, and many more. It works on the concept of download and uploads where seeding and leaching come into the process. Suppose a user starts downloading a particular file using a torrent client, say Bit Torrent, and it has many seeds. Then the user’s download speed gets combined with the persons’ upload speed who are currently seeding(uploading) the file.

Downloading these files from torrent becomes easier and faster if it has more seeds. However, if the number of seeds is 1, 2, or even 0 of any files, then those files become un-downloadable by the torrent client. This is where the alternate website helps to download such files.

What is Seedr?

Seedr is a service website that instantly makes any link accessible for downloading, streaming, or just keeping it in your account folder for future use. It makes any torrent files downloadable even if those files do not have many seeds. What you have to do is just visit and create an account which is very easy.

Here are the steps for you:

  • Visit to create your account along with an extra 500MB of space. Initially, Seedr offers only 2GB of space but through my link, you get 2.5GB. Isn’t it a good deal?
  • Once you have created your account, you will be treated as a non-premium user until you subscribe to premium plans.

1. Features

  • Download torrent files with stable and high speed even at zero seeds.
  • Cloud storage space of 2GB and can be increased up to 5GB with Earn Free Space Campaign.
  • Download, stream or even keep your files in seedr cloud account.
  • The download links also work better with Internet Download Manager.
  • Files are being scanned by Kaspersky antivirus once you paste the link in seedr.
  • Premium plans and priority supports for premium users

2. Premium Plans

Seedr has divided its premium plans into three categories based on user type. Based on cloud space and feature requirements, you can subscribe to any of the below plans. However, if you are a beginner and download very few files, better to go with Basic 30GB plans.

Seedr Premium Plans

It is not necessary for anyone to choose premium plans. Since seedr already offers 2GB space under the free program and provides few options to increase this cloud space, it should be sufficient. Using the Earn Free Space campaign, users can increase this 2GB space to up to 5 GB.

How Use

Two ways are available to use this free service. The first way is by visiting seedr’s official website and the second way is through browser extensions. Both ways are easy, you just have to have an account.

Once you have selected your files from torrent, copy the file link and head toward seedr’s page, and log in with our credentials. You should see the “Paste link URL Here” placeholder in the top right of the website.

Download files with Seedr

After you paste the link, it will start gathering every piece of the file, also it changes the file color based on torrent age and the number of seeds it has. Once the file is ready, you can directly stream it there or you can start downloading the file. The downloadable link from seedr can also be used with Internet Download Manager.

If you don’t want to copy-paste the link again and again, then the browser extensions can be used as an alternate way. Make sure you already have installed the extension in your browser. I’m using Firefox and I have already installed it, so let’s forward with the downloading.

Once you installed the extension, right-click on the Horseshoe Magnet icon of any torrent file and click on the “Add to Seedr” option to add this file to your account. Once the file is added to your seedr account, you can start downloading it.

That’s it, the process was so simple. Now you should have your file downloaded to your bucket. You wouldn’t believe it but it is true that Seedr converts torrent magnet links to simple downloadable links. This downloadable link can be used further with any download manager. Simply saying, if you can not directly download torrent files with Internet Download Manager, use the seedr as a translator.


No lie here, I use it very much especially when I torrent something with very less seeds. It gives me a reliable downloading option for such files. Though 2GB space is not sufficient, I’m happy with their services. Depending on your use, go ahead and subscribe to any of Seedr’s premium plans. The premium plan gives you private trackers, more cloud spaces, and processing parallel links.

Note:- TechnologyCatch and its author do not aim to promote or allow piracy in any way. Indeed piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. Only visitors are fully responsible if they visit such pirated sites. We further suggest you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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