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Karthik Sekar

Are you still paying to store your data in the cloud? You needn’t worry even if it’s 1024GB of data. Terabox helps you to store 1024GB of data for free

Terabox best cloud storage

Cloud storage allows you to store data in ex-situ locations that you can access through an internet connection. The data is managed, maintained, and backed up remotely by a third-party storage provider, for which users generally pay a monthly or per consumption rate. Cloud storage supports various file types such as documents, videos, photos, music, movies, and more of all sizes. The most fascinating feature of cloud storage service is you can upload and download your files from anywhere across the world with an active internet connection.

Even though in the cloud you only pay for storage occupied by your data, the average price for storing 1TB of data in the various cloud service providers is 10$ per month. This is where cloud storage provider like Terabox comes handy.

What is Terabox?

TeraBox is a FREE cloud storage tool for document backup, file sharing, and video storage. With it, you can store approximately: 300,000+ photos, 250+ movies, or 6.5 million document pages. Terabox provides a safe place for all your files and storage and prevents your data from being stolen. You can safely back up, sync, access, and share your important content. Anyone can upload and transfer files to TeraBox and share them with friends and family. Back up photos, videos, documents, and other files to cloud storage, and access files synchronized with any computer or mobile device from anywhere. Terabox is available on Android and IOS.

Visit Terabox to create your Account. Once you have created your account, you will be treated as a non-premium user until you subscribe to premium plans.

1. Features

Terabox has the following features

  • 1024 GB of free cloud storage
  • Supports multiple file type
  • Multiple Privacy Protections
  • Access to all the file you have stored in cloud storage
  • Intelligent classified album
  • Sharing files privately

With Terabox drive you can     

  • Get 1024GB cloud storage space for free
  • Get Automatic files backup
  • Sync files across all your devices
  • Share your documents with Permissions
  • Get multiple protection mechanisms for account security

2. Premium Plans

If you want more than 1024GB of storage space, Terabox offers you 2TB storage options for premium users. Terabox charges you 3.99 $ per month, 10.99 $ a quarter, and 38.99 $ a year. I don’t think 3.99$ a month is a bad deal for 2TB storage space. For premium users, it provides 8 more privileges.

Space Expansion– For common users Terabox provides 1TB storage space but for premium users, Terabox provides 2TB of storage space

High-Speed Channel– For common users, high-speed download is not supported whereas high-speed downloaded is supported for premium users.

Automatic Video Backup– Automatic video backup is only supported for premium users

Upper Limit of File Transfer– You can only transfer 500 pieces at once for common users whereas 50000 pieces for premium users

Video multispeed play– While playing video, you can change the speed of a video. This feature is only for premium users

Video Resolution– Terabox only supports 720p video for common users. For premium users it supports 1080p

Upload large Files– If you are a common user you can only upload files up to 4GB but for premium users, you can upload up to 10GB of files

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to storage space, I don’t think any other third-party storage provider provides this much cloud storage space for free. But when it comes to data security and privacy, there are more storage providers who are far better than Terabox. If you need only storage space and are not concerned about security and privacy, then Terabox is the one for you.

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