[100% Ad-Free Surf] Top 15 Best Ad Blocker for all Browsers.

Mohammad Aayan

You often hear word ad blockers from internet geeks and users. Have you ever asked them why they keep talking about this topic? If not, here, you will get all your answers.

What is an Ad Blocker?

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Web surfing with free and commercial ads seems a bad experience. Whenever you visit any site for useful information, lots of ads appear to you offering some kind of deals or distracting content. You will never want to have such a thing. The most annoying thing is that it kept us watching videos that are not of our interest. While you are watching your favorite content on youtube, ads disturb and sometimes it keeps popping into the screen.

Some website shows ads of adult-related content or information and it is very disturbing when you open it in front of kids. Unwillingly ads take you to another page and ruin your interest. Another thing is that ads affect your security and privacy. Almost all ads keep tracking and collecting your behavior across the internet. The behavior includes habits, preference, like, dislike, products, visited websites, and most search items.

Don’t worry, I have got you and your problem. Read the full article and know how the ad blocker helps you.

What is Adware?

Adware is any plugin or software used to display advertisements on websites and other platforms. Adware generates a good amount of revenue for the hosting party like website owners through the click or view. It just throws the ads on the website screen, sometimes it pops up videos or unwanted notifications.

Well, the advertiser has a “with more visitor and data, more revenue comes” motive. They do it by displaying interesting and attractive ads banner, but as soon as you click on it, you will get annoying things only.

All point doesn’t end here, many websites exist on the internet which injects viruses and malicious programs into our device from the back of ads. They wait for your click and once you made it, your device will run into a problem.

Web browsers and some VPN providers have done a good job by offering ad blocker software to prevent ads for their users. So, the solution is available to defend yourselves against ads and such acts.

What is Adware?

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What is Ad Blocker?

If you have decided not to watch an advertisement on your web or device (it should be your first priority) anymore and want to save your data work for other work, then why don’t you try adblocker.

An ad blocker is also a plugin (for browser) or software that removes any kind of advertising (ex. pop up ads, on-screen ads, background ads, ads notification, and malicious program ) from an app or website. The primary purpose of the ad blocker is to provide a seamless user experience while surfing the website or opening any apps.

Adblocker is not just designed for filtering advertisements, it also helps you to save your online privacy by preventing unwanted programs to interact with your browsers. Apart from that, it boosts your browsing speed and improves fast loading, thus saving your time for other work.

Many people experience problems while searching for ad blockers. The worst thing occurs when they install the wrong ad blocker which interrupts their website’s behavior, instead of providing solutions.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Ad Blocker.

Two types of ad blockers are available in the market. The best ad blocker protects you from getting infected with unwanted programs. The worst ad blockers target your device for stealing your privacy. So, how to identify the best ad blocker which is fully designed for you?

The rule is simple to look for the following mentioned features.


If you already have the best VPN or any antivirus subscription, then don’t look again for anything which costs you. You already have the best protection already. Just look for a free and best adblocker.

Regular Updates

Regular updates of any programs ensure security, the most important thing is that developers care for privacy. The best adblocker always has recent updates.

Ad Blocking Capability

The sign of the best ad blocker is that it stops every kind of advertisement including on-screen videos and annoying notifications. It should also filter adult content and ads.

User Rating

Also look for user’s rating about the ab blocker. Good amount of best rating indicates the ad blocker is really solving the problems.

Easy Interface

No one wants a complex structure nor does he want to navigate through a wild road. Easy a clean software design is another sign of the best adblocker. Even it will consume fewer device resources and power.

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Web Browser Plugin Based 7 Best Ad Blocker

Almost all browser offers various plugin and programs to ensure the smoothness of the website. Here, I am presenting the 7 best ad blocker you can get right now. All of them are free and provides top-notch ad-blocking features.

AdLock – Adblock & Privacy Protection

AdLock is one of the most comprehensive and best ad blockers for the Chrome browser. Being the newest in the field, people are really using it to block ads, and the result has been pretty good. It is nearly available in all browser’s web store with one-click install only.

This freemium plugin offers everything you need in the first place. It blocks annoying and unwanted ads, auto-play video ads, and notification ads. In fact, AdLock cares about your safety and privacy while surfing the web and provides additional security tools based on Windows OS based. These additional features may cost you money, so don’t go there. It’s already doing enough jobs.

AdLocks keep you away from those black eyes which are spying on your social accounts to keep track of all your activity, like, dislike, and preferences. The filter setting is pretty much impressive and blocks country-wise website ads. If you want to apply your own rule, the custom filter is also there for you, just put your code there and you are done.

Download AdLock: Firefox, Chrome.

AdLock ad blocker

Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker is supported by more than one million fans and users worldwide. It never lets any advertisers show you annoying ads, popups, malware, and tracking. That’s how it becomes one of the best ad blocker. Fair AdBlocker not only stops ads on the website but also provides privacy support.

Privacy supports include the prevention of popups, malware, and tracking from social media and youtube. Fair AdBlocker has a freemium plan only that’s why it has zipped every required feature.

Fair AdBlocker’s algorithm is pretty much impressive, it auto-detects sites with massive ads on it and blocks them from loading.

Download Fair AdBlocker: Chrome.

Fair AdBlocker

Image Courtsey – standsapp.org

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is the best ad blocker in the market. With the availability in Chrome and Firefox, almost every user can get the best out of it. No subscription or purchasing is required, it’s a free plugin.

uBlock Origin does a great job by blocking ads on the screen. If compared against Fair AdBlocker and AdLock, it also stands best. Users can decide what they want to block. Filtering is the best option, prevent on-screen ads, pop-ups videos and control your privacy from data tracking elements.

uBlock Origin is not just an ad blocker, it’s also a content blocker(blocks scripted files. Ex Javascript) with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature.

Download uBlock Origin: Firefox, Chrome.

uBlock Origin Best Ad Blocker

Poper Blocker – Pop up Blocker for Browsers

Tired of all the pop-ups and overlays ads on your web screen? You might be searching for ad blockers especially for pop-ups in search engines. Here is the suggestion from my side. Poper Blocker can do things for you. With every day new updates, block everything on your road.

As the name suggests, Poper Blocker is designed especially for blocking pop-up ads and videos. You can find it in Chrome as well as Firefox web store and will not cost you anything except your time for installation. I used it in both Chrome and Firefox browsers and felt nothing except a seamless web experience.

Poper does not feel shame in blocking ads and overlays from streaming sites, gaming sites, torrent sites, and adult sites. Even more, it’s Intelligent feature prevents spam pop-ups on any website. You can also look at reports and stats along with setting options. Allow or disallow overlay blocking, it’s up to you. Customize your wishlist on the go. After all, you will not find such a best ad blocker anywhere.

Download AdLock: Firefox, Chrome.

Poper Blocker for Chrome

AdBlocker By Trustnav

Trustnav Adblocker is not just an ad blocker, it’s even more than we think. That’s why it offers both antivirus and ad blocker plugin to various browsers especially Chrome and Firefox Browser. However, antivirus is not available for now, but you can expect it very soon.

Instead of antivirus, you can get a Safesearch plugin for both browsers without any cost. A simple click and you are safe from ads, malicious, and data tracking programs. It shows you all of the search results you wanted to see by filtering the unsafe websites.

Though installation and the navigating menu are very much simple, the adblocker misses few components from its core. Unlike other adblocker, it doesn’t have a wish listing feature and it might be negative for some users.

Amazing thing is that it alerts you about authorized ads and pop-ups, works as a soldier, and performs things on its own. Even you don’t have to on it after installation. Whatever you say, it chocked all of my key checkmarks and gives an indication to place it among the best ad blocker category.

Download AdLock: Chrome.

AdBlocker By Trustnav

Adblocker Ultimate

Single-purpose Adblocker Ultimate is another plugin for browsers with lots of promising things. Only designed to stop all types of ads so you can browse what you wanted to do. No matter how many ads or what types of ads are appearing on your screen, with strong wiping features, it blocks all of them.

It is totally free and doesn’t compromise your security that’s why Adblocker Ultimate blocks ads and malicious programs that inject malware into your device. Adblocker Ultimate claims that some adblocker plugins display “acceptable ads” or an advertiser whitelist, even many advertisers pay to bypass ad filters.

Adblocker Ultimate’s user interface is excellent and the best among others. With lots of customization options, you choose what you want to display. This is not the end, it offers security, privacy, and language-specific filtering option with a custom filter button also. If you have some scripting knowledge, then design your own rule and get the best web surfing experience.

Surely, it is the best ad blocker I have seen till now. Navigate here for downloading.

Download AdLock: Firefox, Chrome.

AdBlocker Ultimate


NoScript is not really an adblocker but does something else. It allows some scripted content from trusted domains. This includes Javascript, Java, Flash, and other executable files only. You can allow certain types of scripts, but the service takes a bit of a heavy hand by default.

This freemium plugin is available in Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium browsers. Just press the install button and It does the job by protecting your privacy and security against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), cross-zone DNS rebinding / CSRF attacks (router hacking), and Clickjacking attempts.

You might get confused with the plugin interface as it does not seems easy and simple. However, you will get lots of self customization to set it according to your requirements.

Download AdLock: Chrome.

No Script Content Blocking

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VPN Based 5 Best Ad Blocker

Apart from the web browsers plugin, some VPN providers also offer inbuilt ad blocker features. This is what you should expect from your VPN. At a single price, privacy and an ad-free experience are amazing things.

CyberSec By NordVPN

Generally, people prefer VPNs because it offers complete privacy, security, and protects from data leaks. Choose the only VPN which has a VPN feature along with some gems with it. The one is NordVPN.

NordVPN offers CyberSec, an additional security feature designed to hit the ads, malware sites and protects you from phishing scams. CyberSec blocks unwanted ads, pop-ups ads, autoplay video ads, and other harmful content when you enter the website. In fact, it saves website loading time and allows browsers to use fewer resources to load them.

The only negative, I found that NordVPN does not offer it in free nor even free trial. You will have to purchase a monthly VPN plan. I will strongly suggest going with it as it also saves you from installing unnecessary plugins.

Download NordVPN.

CyberSec Ad Blocker By NordVPN

Image Courtesy – NordVPN

CleanWeb By Surfshark

Another ad blocker in the market is CleanWeb. Powered by Surfshark VPN and comes with the VPN itself without any extra cost. If you are not feeling well with the advertisement while surfing your favorite websites, then you should shake hands with Surfshak VPN.

Apart from full privacy protection and prevention of data leaks, Surfshark’s CleanWeb hunts down the ads and malware-infected websites as soon as you enter the websites. It also blocks annoying ads and pop-ups, autoplay videos, and other notification based ads from web your screen.

So seamless web-surfing with Surfshark VPN. Though I will only suggest this if you are either using any VPN or want to use it in the future. If you want only ads block solution the free best ad blocker plugin is already available out there.

Download SurfShark.

R.O.B.E.R.T By Windscribe

CyberSec and CleanWeb both have a great feature in terms of blocking ads even more and there is no doubt in it, but R.O.B.E.R.T. is something that is beyond that. R.O.B.E.R.T includes a customizable server-side domain, IP, and ads & tracking blocking tool.

No one likes ads, pop-ups that ask you to make a free deal or auto-play videos, or the ones that deceive you by infecting your device with malware. Just ask R.O.B.E.R.T to do it for you. Customize it according to your interest, no harm to the website. If you have your own rule bring it to R.O.B.E.R.T.

Based on free and paid plans, Windscribe VPN’s R.O.B.E.R.T has four different protection configurations. As you want to get rid of ads only, the free plan is the best solution here.

Download Windscribe.

ROBERT AdBlocker By Windscribe

Image Courtesy – Windscribe

Private Internet Access

Internet users generally get muggled while selecting the right adblocker for their browser. They expect too many features at less price. No problem, the solution is here with Private Internet Access at less cost. Private Internet Access is the leading VPN in the market that’s why they care about user’s web experience apart from protection and privacy.

Configuring up an ad blocker at the highest level requires even more technical knowledge. This is the reason PIA offers the best in the industry AdBlocker that takes care of your every problem. MACE is a new feature in their VPN solution that blocks ads, trackers, and malware from the web.

Download Private Internet Access.

Hola Ad Remover By Hola VPN

What can you expect from an ad blocker, except for its job? Simple, it should do the job without pressing any click. That’s what we can get with Hola Ad Remover. It does the job automatically by detecting the necessary process requires for blocking the ads from appearing on your screen.

Hola Ad Remover is powered by Hola VPN, which also offers privacy and security for your data. Without any cost except your installation, you can secure your device from infected and malicious sites. Block pop-ups ads, autoplay videos, and social site trackers from collecting your data.

Download Hola Ad Remover.

Ad Blocker Inbuilt in Browser

Having a web browser with an ad-blocking feature is a good sign of respect and responsibility from developers to users. Some browsers go beyond their limit to offer great features to ensure a seamless experience. Features like ad blocking, social tracking prevention, and malware protection are examples that come without no cost in these browsers.

Brave Browser

Shields is another feature powered and offered by Brave Browser. With Brave, you get the superb feature which includes web page load speed, web security, even more, Brave Reward Point. Brave Shields is something you can’t get with Chrome or Opera Browser.

Once Brave installation complete, it starts doing the job. When you enter into any site, Brave starts blocking all kinds of ads including pop-ups, banner autoplay videos, and notification based ads. In fact, it also blocks fingerprinting, HTTPS upgrading, and various harmful scripts.

Get everything you need just for free. Download Brave Browser.

Brave Browser with Ad Blocking Feature


Opera always tries to bring something new to their browsing engine. They have introduced two unbeatable freemium features. With the motive of saving users’ data plans, they cleverly implemented an ad-blocking feature. Opera’s ad blocker removes any kinds of ads, tracking, and irritating pop-ups notification.

Just type your favorite website in the tab and you are far away from the ads with a fast-loading page saves your mobile data and further protects you from dangerous site and malicious programs. Block social and online trackers like analytic, tracking code, and other data collection methods. Get more out of it by customizing the settings and filters.

Beyond blocking, Opera also has VPN inbuilt in the browser. Use a VPN and become anonymous in the internet universe, save your privacy, stream unlimited media contents from anywhere. In my word, Opera has the best ad blocker features you can get.

Download Opera Browser.

Opera Ad Blocker


Developers have spent lots of effort in the Firefox browsers, that’s why it is the best browser in the internet world. Empower all your web surfing experience with the Browser Privacy feature of Firefox. Trackers follow you around online to collect information about your browsing habits and interests. Firefox blocks many of these trackers and other malicious scripts.

For Privacy, Firefox has 3 different modes of protection: Standard, Strict, and Custom. You can tune your requirements with these and they are perfect for your privacy. Strict level protection is pretty cool, it blocks social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, crypto miners, and fingerprinting. The only thing I feel about this browser is that they don’t have much support for the ad-blocking feature.

Download Firefox Browser.

Firefox for Ad Blocker


Digging into ad blockers’ features to prove it best for the website requires lots of experiments. Though I hunted them for you, Above mentioned all kinds of ad blockers are perfect in their feature. They have everything to do the job for you. From ads to scripted content, everything you can block in just one click. AdBlocker By Trustnav is the best of all the ad blocker plugins and passed all my requirements. R.O.B.E.R.T is the best feature from Windscribe for blocking ads with zero cost. Though I prefer the Firefox Browser, Brave is not behind. It has the best ad-blocking feature among other browsers.

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