What is CryptoPrevent and How It Block Ransomware Attacks?

Mohammad Aayan

Ransomware always has been a threat for online users and it is taking different forms to attack. 2013’s CryptoLocker Ransomware was the worst cyberattack on the internet world. To prevent it from infecting PCs, new supplement software came into the market which was popular as CryptoPrevent.

What is CryptoPrevent

If you are not aware of ransomware then probably you are safe. Ransomware is something that can make you pay money. CryptoLocker was one of the worst malware that brought tears to many organizations. Hackers and evil eyes target internet users around the world by mailing a malicious link or when a user visits bad websites.

Once you click on these links, it starts installing ransomware malware. This malware encrypts all available files including password-protected files on your system. Once it happens, you can do only two things. First reinstallation of OS which can wipe out important files(you will not want this to happen).

Second, pay a ransom amount for the decryption key which can help you to get locked files. Don’t think the ransom amount will be less, it can be anything ranging from $100 to $10000 even more.

CryptoPrevent was one of the CryptoLocker prevention software that came when the first ransomware cyberattack happens in 2013. Here I will talk all about CryptoPrevent and its protection features.

What is CryptoPrevent?

CryptoPrevent is an anti-malware supplement based security tool that was designed specifically to guard systems from CryptoLocker based malware. Yes, you heard right, this was the same malware that born in late 2013 and targeted a wide range of organizations.

At that time CryptoPrevent was just a security solution by the Foolish IT team, but now it has become more than that. With various new updates, it has become a more robust and reliable solution covering a variety of features.

Unlike other ransomware solutions such as Malwarebytes which is a standalone security solution, CryptoPrevent doesn’t work alone. Rather than use it alongside existing solutions such as antivirus or any other antimalware protection tools. That’s the reason it is known as a supplement solution.

Sometimes even a powerful antivirus can’t guard you and you must look for additional layers of security. Here CryptoPrevent comes in. It fills the security gap present in many traditional antiviruses/solutions and prevents all old as well as new emerging threats of various kinds.

CryptoPrevent Configurations

CryptoPrevent is a pack of two editions: Free and Paid. Of course, the paid edition has its own benefits but try the free version first. For now, I have installed a free edition. Here is the interface after installation.

CryptoPrevent Interface, Configuration and Settings

CryptoPrevent’s interface doesn’t seem simple, instead, it has a more complex configuration and technical terms. Before you do any settings and configurations, CryptoPrevent asks users to turn on the “Protection Plan”. By default, protection is set to none.

Minimal, Default, Maximum, Extreme, and Custom Settings are the various protection plan user can set. Any plan you choose will make changes in the system’s settings. So be careful before you set it to on any of these.

If you don’t know which plan to choose set it to default mode. Here is the protected area under default mode.

Startup Folders

Apart from the protected area, the user has the option to block Windows Programs and apply some miscellaneous protection (for example prevent known malware from starting).

CryptoPrevent Protection Plan

If you ever feel that your device is slow and has performance issues then the “Performance Tweak” option under “Maintenance Mode” can help you out. Just turn it on to fix the problems like the use of unnecessary resources by the background process.

Here are the various things you can do with CryptoPrevent.

Software Restriction Policies
Prevent File Types
Folder Watch
FolderWatch HoneyPot
Whitelist SR Policies
Blacklist SR Policies
Email Settings
Proxy Settings

As I have already mentioned, the user can’t get all the features until he upgrades to the premium edition. For example, the HoneyPot feature is available only with the premium edition.

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How CryptoPrevent Blocks Ransomware Attacks?

CryptoPrevent works on the concept of Software Restriction Policies (SRP). Generally, when any ransomware attack occurs in your system, CryptoPrevent modifies some group policy settings and prevents ransomware attack based executable files from running.

The latest and final version of CryptoPrevent (v8) comes with 4000 Software Restriction Policies rules to provide protection while the earlier version (v7) had only 400 SRP rules.

Once you set the “Folder Watch” feature on, it starts monitoring folders for malware definition. If found, it protects. Even if any new and unknown malware tries to encrypt your files or any dangerous processes happen in the back of your device, CryptoPrevent has the possible solution. HoneyPot Ransomware Protection feature is enough to prevent these ransomware attacks

Sometimes we download files from the internet without caring for file types (for example .CPL, .SCR, and .PIF). These files can be dangerous and can contain malware files. “Prevent File Types” feature blocks these types of files.

Whitelist and Blacklist SR Policies feature allows users to do changes with the Policy Editor. Whitelist SR Policy allows users to add or remove software restriction policies on an individual basis. Also, whitelist any earlier blocked location.

If you want to remove any software restriction policies which was applied by protection settings, just use the Blacklist feature and forget. Let the CryptoPrevent do things for you.

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